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There's demons inside me, they're tearing me down.

Breaking and torturing me,
showing me no mercy.

I can't fight or defeat them,
so I listen to and obey them.

When I don't listen to them,
I'm just punishing myself.

They just want to help me,
they're just motivating me.

So it's not really torture,
it's just a little tough love.

With my helpful demons,
I can finally feel happy.

All I have to do is listen,
then I'll be happy again.

I might go a little insane,
but I'll be insane and happy.

My demons are good and,
they're helping me...right?

I need them as motivation,
motivation to get better.

They'll make me feel happy,
even if I die along the way.

In the end it'll be worth it,
and I'll turn out happy.

I'll be happy in the end,
but I'll turn out dead.

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