×××Chapter 12×××

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×××Y/N's POV×××

Im sitting here on the couch next to Max, comforting him. I have my arm around him while he stares at the ground. "Why does Red have to be here." He asks quietly. "I don't know. I'm not sure I really want him here either." I say thinking.

"To be honest," I start and he looks at me dead in the eyes, "I don't think I feel a connection between me and him anymore. I don't feel the same way as I did before." I say looking at Max.

"What are you going to do then? When he gets here are you going to break the news to him or..?" He asks. "Maybe tomorrow. The thing I want to focus on is you. I want to keep you happy." I say smiling. He smiles back greatly.

We stare into each others eyes for a moment until he glances, I think, at my lips then back in my eyes. He smiles slightly and looks back at the floor. My stomach flutters and my heart races. Then there was knock on the door. We both turn our heads to the front door and I stand up, walking over to it.

I look through the little peep hole and see its Red. "It's Red." I say and open the door. His tall figure stands over me and smiles. He hugs me, making me feel awkward. He lets go and looks at Max. I turn my head to see that Max looks hurt.

"You alright Max?" I ask. He just nods his head and looks away. I sigh and look back at Red. "So how's he doing?" He asks. "Not very well but he's doing better than yesterday." "Oh you spent the night here?" He asks. "Uh yea. I wanted to keep him company." "Ah I see." He says.

"You can come in and sit if you like." I say motion in him to come inside. He smiles and walks in, he sits on the chair that's near the couch and crosses his legs. I close the door and walk into the kitchen to get us all some waters.

After I get all the cups full, I walk over to the living room to see Max isn't on the couch, or anywhere for that matter. I put the cups down on the coffee table and look around confused. "Where's Max?" I ask Red. He just shrugs his shoulders while staring into his phone.

I groan and roll my eyes looking down the small hallway. I see a light seeping from underneath a door. I walk down the hall and I front of the door, reaching out for the door knob. I grab it and with a quick twist, I push it open. I see Max sitting on a bed, opposite side from the door.

"Max?" He turns his head and looks at me. I see a photograph in his hands. I walk over to the bed and sit next to him, looking to my left at the picture. It's of him and his mom, but when he was like 10 I'm guessing?

He's holding a soccer ball and his mom has her fingers in his hair. It looked adorable really. It makes me sad to know his mom died. The only family he really had except for his sister. She has to come visit from wherever she is. "Max. I'm sorry." I say quietly.

He looks at me with tears in his eyes. "For what..?" He asks, voice cracking from upcoming tears. "Your mom." "You didn't do anything. Your fine. You don't have to be sorry for anything. It's all my fault.. Just like my dad said." He starts crying at the last sentence.

I pull him into a hug and let him cry in my shoulder. "It's not your fault! Don't listen to that prick!" I said rubbing his back. He pulls away and looks at me with a smile. "Thanks. I'm glad your here." He says grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers.

I don't even bother to pull my hand away. It feels.. Right, in a way. We just sit there, staring into each other's eyes and enjoying each other company. "Hey Y/N!" I hear Red yell from down the hall.

Max quickly let's go of my hand and looks at the door. I look at the door as well to see Red walk in. "Hey Y/N. Do want to hang out at my place tonight?" He asks. I look at Max then at Red. "I guess if it's fine with Max." I say looking at Max.

He smiles. "Yea it's fine. Don't know why you need my permission. I can just give you a call I need to." He says. I giggle and stand up.

"Welp. Let's head to my place." Red says holding out his hand. I hesitantly grab it and walk out, waving to Max as we exit the room. We leave the house and make our way over to Red's place.

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