10- Sally, Dear

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After Thomas rushed out dragging
Lafayette with him, you decided to explore the Mansion. Once again you saw the Women with light tanned skin, curiosity struck you and you put your hand to her shoulder. She flinched as she turned around and looked you in the Eye with fear.

You smiled at the girl and began to speak French, but she soon cut you off. "I speak English only" she said cleaning off the Table and placing Plates down. " Oh, My apologies! I'm (y/n) de Lafayette. You may be?" You spoke as you wanted to know the Girl a little better.

She coughed lightly "Sally, pleasure to meet you" she said sitting down in one of The Plush Seats. You soon followed and sat down on the Comfy Chair. You seen her new-looking Dress and a hit of Confusion struck you.

"Are you Thomas's Wife, You-" you started but soon got cut off again by The Two Men waking into the Dining Room laughing loudly. Lafayette's words were slurring as he tried to talk in English to Thomas. You giggled at Lafayette being a little Drunk, and he started laughing along with you.

Once you all settled down Dinner was served. You took a sip of your Wine and Lafayette frowned at his Water You began to giggle again and Sally looked up at you with a Smile on her face. "What's so funny (y/n)?" She asked starting to giggle herself.

Thomas's Eyes widened at the hear of Your name from Sally, "You and Mrs. Lafayette have met?" He asked. Sally looked down at her plate playing with her Fork and started to sob quietly. "Sally, Dear what's wrong?" you asked  getting up to be by her side. Lafayette tugged your Waist back down and you say back down quietly.

"Nothing." She said getting up and leaving the Room with a Tear stained Face. You suddenly felt light headed and leaned on Lafayette, he looked down at you with a slight look of Worry. "Mon Cher what's wrong?" He asked getting up, picking you up Bridal style.

You gagged and held back your Vomit, "I-I think I'm Pregnant " you said looking down at Lafayette's Black Shoes.

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