11- Settle Down

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Last Time~
You suddenly felt light headed and leaned on Lafayette, he looked down at you with a slight look of Worry. "Mon Cher what's wrong?" He asked getting up, picking you up Bridal style.

You gagged and held back your Vomit, "I-I think I'm Pregnant " you said looking down at Lafayette's Black Shoes.
10~ Settle Down
You looked around the Room and saw that Thomas had left the Room, you looked up at Lafayette. He had a wide Grin on his face and looked back down on you.

"Mon Cher! How Long have you known?" He asked getting more excited each second. " A month or So..?" You said beginning to feel the same way as your Husband.

He spun you around, you both laughing not knowing for what would come next for the future.

Time skip because why not?~~~~~
You were now 5 months Pregnant and it was now showing. You couldn't fit any of your pretty Gowns and most important you were so moody. Lafayette ha gone off to War once more and you were an emotional wreck.

Alexander had come Home only to Eliza, only to find out they were having children to. Alexander of course was shocked to see you with Child, and most importantly Lafayette's Child.

You didn't want to act special and have your Husband come Home early, he Had a War to fight in and you being Pregnant wasn't going to stop Him.

Right now you were with Maria, and Angelica discussing the fact that Alexander and Eliza were having Children.

"Honestly I think she's to ahead of herself with Alexander, he could be doing anything behind her back!" Angelica protested while twirling her hair. You laughed at the Sisters comment even though  it was True.

"Your Sister is a helpless soul! It would hurt her heart, but in the Long run she would forgive her Dearest,Alexander" Maria said looking down while,blushing at Angelica.

You left the Room to go put more Tea on, you heard the Loud giggles and shrieks from The room while you stood in the Kitchen and laughed to yourself.

"Angelica and Maria, Huh? You would never think Mon Cher?" The voice you knew so well spoke. You couldn't believe it, as you turned around you saw you Husband, The Marquis!

"What are you doing Home so Early Frenchie!" You shrieked as you hugged him.

As soon as he started to answer You heard the Door close with a trail of giggles and hushes from between each of the Woman.

Aiih! 2 updates in the Same Week?! I'm back in Japan so I decided to celebrate with another Chapter! I've really always imagined Angelica and Maria together! Thanks for over 3K reads, It means so much to me! Thanks for reading!

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