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Pen Your Pride

Not Looking For Love - 9 .

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I didn't know what to do after the phone call with Dev .

I called back but it went straight to voicemail each time .

I sat down on the bed and looked over at the picture of Devin .

My stomach felt tingly and I could feel the tears coming on .

I called Meghan & told her what happened , she said she was on her way over .

I hopped in the shower to get freshened up .

Danyell's POV

The house has been quiet as hell since Dyamon's been gone.

Daniel still isn't back from his friends and mom seems to not care where any of us are anymore.

She hasn't been herself lately , she doesn't even come home anymore forreal .

& When she does she fucked up off liquor and drugs .

I wish my mom would change , her addiction has never been this bad .

Something was going on with her , I just didn't know what .

Anyways I was in the bathroom throwing up for like the fifth time today , when I heard my mom come in on the phone .

" But Sean we were perfect , just come home baby we can start over . "

" Sean ? " I said to myself ease dropping .

That's Dyamon and Daniel's dads name , but it couldn't be him . Mom told us he was dead  he died weeks after he left , but Dyamon never believed her .

They continued talking but whatever the guy said next upset mom because her face grew red .

" You say you coming for your kids ! " she screamed .

" Bitch these are my kids all 3 you can't take something that ain't yours . I'll kill them little bitches before I let you walk out my life with all I have left ! " she screamed before hanging up .

Then I knew from that moment on Dyamon and Daniel's dad was alive , and not only alive but coming back .

I was so caught up in my thoughts I forgot what I heard her say, wait he's coming for all 3 ?

That means me too .

Dyamon's dad was always nice to me he treated me like his own he loved me even tho I rebelled and didn't show love back .

I was snapped out of my thought by me running to the bathroom and vomiting again .

What's wrong with me , I'm not sick I feel fine .

I looked up different reasons why I was throwing up , none made sense but one .

But it couldn't be but then again it could .

Damn I couldn't be pregnant not again .

I cleaned myself up and hopped into the car to go to the clinic , fuck peeing on a stick .

Dyamon's POV •

Me and Meghan chilled for awhile which calmed me down .

She said she had to go , because Camille was being fussy at home .

She left Aj's number incase of an emergency or if I was bored .

I was sitting on the couch and I decided to call Aj .

" Yo ? " he answered .

" Wssup Apple jacks ? "

He laughed . Because I was the one who called him Applejacks , it was his special name .

" Wassup what are you doing ? "

I sighed . " Ooh nothing , hey have you talk to Devin ? "

Then phone grew silent .

" Uhh hello ? " I said making sure that nigga didn't hang up on me .

" Awee Umm naah I ain't heard from him , " he said I could tell he was lying tho .

" Awee Cool " I said just letting it go .

" Yeaa so what yo fine ass doing ? " he asked making me laugh .

Me and Applejacks always joked like that . Well at least I thought he was joking .

" Ohh nothing but Ayee I'll hit you later , " I said trying to get off the phone ,

" Aight " he said then hung up .

• Ymani's POV

I been calling Devin's phone all day and it goes straight to voicemail .

Mhmm he with that bitch Dyamon but I ain't stressing .

I was finna head to his house , until I got a call from my homegirl Danyell telling me to meet her at the clinic .


I got to the clinic and Danyell was in the waiting room crying , I sat next to her .

' What's up boo ? " I said rubbing her back to calm her down .

" I'm p-p-pregnant again , " she stuttered while crying .

" Shit what you gonna do this time . " I asked concerned .

" Idk , I can't keep killing my problems . "

I nodded ." This will be what your 3rd abortion ? "

She nodded her head and sighed .

" I gotta tell Ant & tell him everything . " she said looking up worried .

Danyell's POV

Me & Ymani left the clinic and hopped in our separate cars and headed to my house .

She said she wanted to talk . I knew it was about Dyamon and Devin. That girl is sprung off that nigga .

I called Anthony a few times , but got no answer .

Anthony's POV

Danyell was blowing my phone up but I was busy right now .

Some shit got fuck up earlier now I gotta straighten it out or that's my head .

Earlier today me and Dev was making a drop and it all went wrong .

Somebody set us up and when I find who he gonna wish they didn't .

Devin's been out of it for hours .

After they drop went wrong we was trying to bail and a big ass truck fucked my nigga car up .

They shot at us and we shot back , unfortunately I wasn't lucky like me niggas because I got two bullet holes to the chest .

Devin was in even worst shape . I wish we all didn't split up that's like my brother and I left him there to get jumped on and shot at .

Damn !

Devin's POV •

My head was banging bad . I could hear people talking but I couldn't move or
open my eyes to see them .

I knew it was Ant & the guys .

I really hoped the first voice I would hear again would be Dyamon's because I didn't like the last voice I heard .

Man earlier was a trip , the scene keep replaying in my head .

Them niggas was fucking me up , not only did they shoot me , they rammed my car and dragged me out to jump my ass .

But it's cool I still got my shit .

I slowly opened my eyes to a shirtless chest bandaged Ant .

My nigga looked like he was hurting .

Not for just himself either .

I took my eyes off Ant to a fine ass lady in a white jacket sowing up my stomach .

I knew it was Ants big sister and damn she was fine .

She saw me looking at her and smiled .

She put a bandage on my stomach and left the room .

Ant then realized I was woke & smiled big .

" Wassup my nigga ? " He said .

" Shit hurting bad . " I said trying to sit up .

He laughed .

" Aye I know you hurting but we gotta talk . " He said in a serious tone .

"Wassup ? "

" They took our shit . "

After he said those words I flew up off the couch , causing a shocking of pain to take over my body .

" Who , how much ? "

" We don't know who yet , but they took everything in your car . The drugs , the guns and the money . " He said leaning back pissed .

I was mad , I dismissed the conversation with me hand and went into the kitchen .

I grabbed a water bottle and in walked Ant .

" What we gonna do ? " He asked .

" Fine them now , " I demanded .

I was mad as fuck , I change my mind I don't wanna see anyone right now fuck everybody .

Them niggas stole from Me , Devin Makel Satino ?!

These bitches gonna pay !

I want my shit plus double back now .

Them niggas made they grave now I'm about to lay them in it .

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