Satan's Pet

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It was happening again. Dammit, why now!

First it was the slight numb feeling in my stomach, then the 'butterflies' feeling started. Then the head ache started: a quiet, pounding like drums that I knew would only get louder and worse.

I staggered to the black glasses building a few feet away from me. The pounding was getting louder.

I looked at my reflection and saw my bright, dark blue eyes flickering to their bright, blood red again. This happened every time I get there 'migraines'.

I sank down to the floor, clutching my head between my legs. I hated it when this happened, especially around a lot of people like this morning.

I looked up to see one man to walk towards me - probably to see if I was okay - but stopped, and start to back away when he saw my eyes change color.

I looked around me at the other people on their way to work or school, wondering who it was that had triggered this 'migraine', who it was that was about to die.

Something was wrong though, this 'migraine' was different. Even though it all felt the same, there was something different.

I had decided to follow my instincts; I had followed them several times and came across the 'trigger'. I remember the last time this happened and I followed. The 'trigger' was a young woman, early twenties my guess. I followed her into a café where I found her choking, no one else had noticed in time and the woman died.

This time I was lead to away from the town towards the main road, just as I came to the edge I noticed a boy, he had to be at least seven or eight and he was just crossing the road. It was obvious that he hadn't checked properly before crossing because a large lorry was heading straight for him.

Without even thinking clearly I ran off the curb into the road, towards the boy. I heard the horns of the cars that I ran past. The lorry was getting closer to the boy, the driver hadn't seen him yet.

I pushed harder, I had to save this boy, he was too young to die! I was right in front of the boy just as I heard the lorry's brakes and horn.

I saw the boy's eyes widen in fear as he saw the lorry come closer to him. I pushed forward and jumped into the boy just as the lorry passed the spot he was standing in.

I heard the brakes of other cars around us as I pushed the guy several feet away from me. I had fallen over as I got him out of the way.

As I stood up I heard another honk nearby, standing up I saw a taxi approaching me fast, I knew immediately I had no chance of jumping out way. So I just closed my eyes and waited for the impact.

I heard screaming, honking, car breaks, and sirens in the back ground. Every inch of my body hurt, and I could feel something running down head. I slowly opened my eyes and saw blood running down my eyes.

I saw the boy I saved leaning over me -he had tears in his eyes- as well as three other people. Two men and a woman. One of the men was saying something but I couldn't hear what all I could hear was the sirens and the screaming.

I could feel my breathing start to slow down, and my heart beat slower, my lungs gasping for more oxygen as my eyelids started to close and blackness invaded me...

When my eyes opened again all I saw was red. I knew it had nothing to do with me. It was where ever I was; I was in a red room. There no was way I was in a hospital; because hospital rooms are usually white not red. And it was really hot in here. I felt like I was on fire.

And then I remembered about the boy and the lorry and the taxi and the pain!

But I didn't feel any pain anymore, I sat up slowly rolling my shoulders. There was no pain. There weren't even any cuts or bruises. I then noticed that I was on a bed, the duvet was a dark red color the same color as the walls all around me.

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