Chapter 10

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Cool of you to take all we dish out Jack... LOL


Chapter 10

Raven’s POV

I made way down stairs haven fulfilled my part of the couples fantasy. I got to the bar and ordered an orgasm. A fitting drink I thought seeing as how I was on the prowl for one. I turned just as I say Andrew arrive with Lucia and The Boss Man.

“Hey guys I’m offering Orgasms” I say with a wicked grin.

“Raven” said Lucia blushing.

“Damn Luscious Lucia if you’re going to make it in here. Remember one thing… you must leave your inhibitions at the door. Because in here you do as you’re told.” I smirked

She lowered her head “yes Mistress.” I looked at the guys.

“Good job, so Andrew you still going by” I asked him.

“I go by what I am, her Master” he says plain and simple and to the point.

I waved at them as I walked away. I have to make a mental note, so I can call her tomorrow and see how she did her first official night.

I then walked to the back rooms looking for Trevor. This place was really nice I thought as I made my way to the back passing a guy getting head on the couch. The place seems to be filling up nicely.

I finally found him and Angel in the back room talking to a sexy ass African queen. I walked in and looked at her. Man Kinky would love this chick.

“Hey guys who do we have here?” I asked.

“Hey Raven this is Foxy Roxy, she just interviewed for the receptionist position” I looked at her up and down.

Damn she will surely fulfill a lot of fucking the secretary fantasies. She would even be good for the guys that want the whole school girl fantasy too, I smirk.

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