Chapter 18 {His Return}

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Ross's POV
All of us walk inside and sit down in the living room "Want any apples?" Asks Red just as we hear the front door open up. I look up to see Mitch, Jerome, Quentin, and a familiar red head. "Hello!" Chirps Mitch "I-is that Max?" I ask "Oh so you've met him before?" Asks Mitch "What did you do to him?!?" I ask "Oh well he didn't want to cooperate so I used insanity to clear his mind so he only listens to me." Answers Mitch leaning on Max's shoulder "What do you want with us." Says Cory through gritted teeth as he summons his scythe "Shouldn't it be obvious?" Asks Mitch summoning a black sword. Cory stares at Mitch's necklace. It's the black half of the yin and yang sign just like Cory's.
"Looks like something has caught your eye." Says Mitch. Cory shakes his head before saying "Leave now!" "Not until I come back with the three who ran away!" Says Mitch looking at the three new girls "What are you talking about we would never work for you!" Shouts Raven "I know, that's why I found a way to control you because otherwise I wouldn't be able to make you do anything I wanted. The only problem is you don't retain any memories when being controlled." Says Mitch wrapping an arm around Max's shoulder "Well I'm not going back!" Shouts Raven "It doesn't benefit us at all so I'm saying no also." Adds on Remi "Yeah so you can leave now!" Says Tiffany.
"If you won't come peacefully I'll do it by force then!" Exclaims Mitch "Then you'll have to get through me first!" Shouts Cory swinging his scythe barely missing Mitch. Cory runs outside where Mitch is seeing Quentin summon a mace and Jerome an axe "No leave this fight to me." Says Mitch "Okay whatever." Answers Quentin throwing his mace to the side "Whatever you say buddy." Replies Jerome throwing his axe to the side.
Mitch's sword and Cory's scythe clash with each other both barely missing each strike. Mitch stabs at Cory's face and he uses his scythe to make the blade go upwards and the sword barely nicks Cory's neck. Mitch pauses and Cory takes the opportunity to knock Mitch to the ground and takes his necklace. Mitch's sword dissipates but he simply summons a light blue one.
Then Max seems to snap out of whatever trance he was in and looks around confused. He turns around and sees Mitch immediately summoning his spear.
"You! What the hell have you done to me!" Shouts Max. Mitch shoots up and uppercuts Max knocking him out. Red suddenly has a look of pure anger on his face. He summons his dagger gripping the handle so tight his knuckles turns white. Red charges Mitch and their blades collide "Still have the weak little dagger I see!" Says Mitch "If that's what you want to believe." Counters Red "Well I believe what's true!" Says Mitch knocking Red to the ground and charging Cory. Mitch tackles Cory to the ground trying to get his necklace back "Don't let him get it Cory!" Shouts Shelby "Don't worry I wo-" Starts Cory "Cory!" Shouts Shelby.
Mitch puts back on his necklace and summons back his black sword. He swings it letting out a black slash through the air. It comes straight for us and we all dodge except for the three new girls.

Aphmau's POV
The three girls get hit by the wave thingy or whatever and immediately freeze before simply looking up with expressionless faces "Oh god he's trying to control them!" Shouts Sky "I'm checking on Cory!" Exclaims Shelby running up to Cory who is laying on the ground. Mitch and Red are fighting it out "This is why I never bothered to control you Red, you were always the weak one of the group!" Says Mitch "I don't care!" Shouts Red trying to push Mitch back. He simply shoves Red to the ground knocking his dagger out of his hand.
"You guys aren't worth my time." Says Mitch getting up and walking away "Get back here!" Shouts Jin summoning his trident and charging Mitch. Mitch turns around and grabs Jin by the neck "I guess I can stay a little longer to eliminate you to." Says Mitch smirking at Jin struggling to get free "Let. Him. Go." I say "Make. Me." Says Mitch.
My body gets engulfed by flame as I run up to Mitch. He is caught off guard by my actions and drops Jin. Mitch desperately dodges my attacks before he hops over me and shoves me in the water. I quickly resurface and Jin helps pull me up.
I look around and see Mitch, Quentin, Jerome, and the three girls gone along with Max waking up after being knocked out from the uppercut. "No they got away!" Says Ross.

(Cue the Music)

"Guys we need to worry about more importantly things right now!" Says Shelby holding Cory "Oh my god are you okay Cory?!?" I ask "No not really, it's really hard to see or breathe." Cory answers taking off his mask "Come on you'll be okay I'll heal you alright Cory!" Says Shelby "Hurry you can't bring back to life if he dies!" Exclaims Red "I'm trying!" Shouts Shelby unable to get her powers to work "Hey Shelbs I don't think I'll make it..." Starts Cory "Come on don't talk like that I'm going to heal you!" Shelby says in between sobs "Hey Shelby?" Asks Cory "Y-yeah Cory?" Asks Shelby.
Cory sits up and leans in kissing Shelby on the lips. Shelby looks stunned at first but then calms down and let's it happen "I've always loved you Shelby..." Says Cory "I love you to Cory so please don't die on me!" Says Shelby "I'll try..." Says Cory before going limp. Shelby finally gets her healing power to work and heals up the cut across Cory's chest.
Cory lies still on the ground "N-no I couldn't h-have been t-to late?!?" Says Shelby breaking down into tears hugging Cory. I start to cry as well and am comforted by Jin hugging me. I look up to see everyone crying, even Max "I-I'm sorry I probably had a part to play in this didn't I?" Asks Max looking down and slowly backing away "No this is Mitch's fault." Replies Ross a very flat and slightly unsettling tone.
Suddenly Cory's eyes start to open and Shelby smiles hugging him even harder "Don't scare me like that!" She says "Heh sorry." Says Cory.

(And the music should stop here)

"So I believe my ship has set sail now!" I say smiling. We all laugh "Hey let's head inside, you to Max." Says Red "Oh okay." Says Max following us "Oh Cory you have a cut on your neck, do you want me to heal that to?" Asks Shelby "No it's fine, it'll heal by itself." Answers Cory giving a sweet smile to Shelby while blushing a little.

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