Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

"The war on terror is heating up, and unless the CIA does something about their detainees, it's only going-"

"God dammit, who turned on the news?!" Amber yelled.

All heads turned to face her, most of the students looking annoyed. I hid my face behind my book. Oh, Amber. She shot up from her seat, sighing a dramatic sigh as she seized the remote and changed the channel. I went back to my Homeland Security and Terrorism Defense homework. Compared to what I do at the CIA, this is a whole other ballpark. Some of the ideas in here are polar opposites to the ones Jonathan told me to use. But, I supposed they'll have to do for now. I want my degree, and I'm going to get it with straight A's or not at all. It's not like I can write in an essay "oh, by the way, the book is wrong about this, (insert wrong idea or action), and I know this because I work for the CIA and I did this on a mission in Instanbul." Like that would blow over well.

Amber took her seat again, across from me at the table. The mess hall was full of students studying, eating, doing homework, or talking in hushed tones. I sat across from Amber, my books spread in front of me on the table. Homeland Security and Terrorism Defense, Political Science, Criminal Justice, and then my primary courses like Math and English and Science. My true major was Homeland Security, but I decided to double-major in Political Science as well. Preset by the CIA, of course. Amber was majoring in Law. I can see how she could be a lawyer. It suits her so well. She picked up my book.

"Hey! I need that!" I protested, reaching for my book.

Amber pulled it away, reading the cover. I leaned across the table, trying to snatch it back. Amber pushed me away until she lost interest in the book after leading through a few pages. she tossed it back to me. I gave her an annoyed look.

"You know, it's not common here in America to steal someone's textbook while they're studying." I remarked.

She gave a curt laugh.

"Yeah. Why the hell are you majoring in that shit anyway? Did winning the initiation high score encourage you to be the next James Bond?" she raised an eyebrow.

I already am the next James Bond. I didn't say that though. Instead, I smiled and laughed airily.
I wanted to tell her about my life so bad. To have someone else know. Someone I can talk to while the McGallens are under fire and my parents are tangled up with wedding planning. So, I kept my mouth shut.

"Maybe...maybe not..." I said, quirking my eyebrow and making a gun with my hand.

Amber laughed as I pretended to be James Bond by "shooting" random people. In reality, James Bond would be the worst spy ever. Everyone knows his name (his real name) and he's not exactly discreet about firing guns or fighting off enemies. Like I said, worst. Spy. Ever. Suddenly, someone covers  My eyes from behind. I froze, confused. Who the hell...?

"Guess who decided to change schools?"

I wasn't sure whether to be happy or worried.

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