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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo was at his local grocery store, humming a tune as he was picking up groceries. His little brother was next to him, having a scowl on his face as usual. "Now Lovi, do you want a treat?" Antonio asked his brother, Lovino Vargas, who nodded.

"That one please, Tomato Bastard!" Antonio winced at the boy's language. He'd learnt it from school, no surprise there, but their owners definitely will not like his language. They'll probably blame Antonio, him being the oldest. Antonio was 17 years old, he was almost, but he was not quite 18, his birthday was in a few months, after all it was only winter, his birthday was in February and he would graduate that same year. He wondered how he would get into college. 

"Alright, alright, but please Lovi, don't curse!"

"But Bastard is my favorite word." Lovino answered him, crossing his arms and glaring at Antonio

Antonio could've face palmed right now, he had to admit, cursing people out in Spanish is fun when they only stare in confusion, but Lovino was only 12 for god's sake! And that was besides the fact he was cursing in English not Italian.

"Promise me you won't curse around the others. No cursing at teachers and other kids too." Antonio had bent down to Lovino's level, looking the child in the eye, "You're one of the big kids and you have to set an example." He put in simple terms.

Lovino groaned, Antonio was so uptight and so overbearing, he thought, glaring deeply at the other, growling at him, "Fine, Tomato Bastard. You're only telling me that to save your arse anyways."

Antonio rolled his eyes, grabbing the boy's hand and what Lovino wanted, placing Lovino in a cart he had picked up. For 12 years old, the Italian looked 7 years old. He had a tiny frame easily allowing Lovino into the seat. The boy was easily underweight, weighing at barely 82. His brither was around the same weight, slightly more than Lovino.

"Hey!!! Tomato Bastard! I don't want to be in here! Let me out!" Lovino cried out, making a few people stare at them.

"Lovi, you have to be quiet, we're in a public place you know. And I put you there because you'll run off and get yourself kidnapped!" Antonio slightly scolded.

"I'm not going to get myself kidnapped," Lovino explained, exasperated. Antonio rolled to the cashier lane, waiting for the cashier to cash the rest of the the items of the man in front of him, "Besides aren't the boys getting kidnapped like... 14 to 21?!"

"No, Lovi, 10 to 21. You have to be careful, some kids in your school have gone missing as well." Antonio explained, placing the items on the converter belt. 

"Cash." He said to the cashier.

"Your total is $24.78." The cashier said, and Antonio gave her $30.

"Thank you come again." She said, giving the change to Antonio who wheeled Lovino and the cart to the orphanage.

 It was a cart they found abandoned so they used it for groceries instead of having to carry them. Antonio and Lovino lived in an orphanage, along with 10 others including Lovino's twin brother.  Antonio worked three separate jobs to help out and pay for the other kids' guilty pleasures. Antonio was a sucker for the kids and had always given in to their pleading for candy. He was kind but strict when it came to safety. 

There was also another boy, Bharat, who was from India. He was 16 and helped out as well, not being able to go to school so he dropped out. He worked 7 separate jobs to help out, Antonio wished he didn't work so much and could go back to school. A normal boy would usually be thinking about his grades, not about if he had enough money to help out that week. But Antonio supposed they were not normal kids.

Kiku Honda was another boy, aged 15. He was from Japan and he worked 2 jobs along with going to school. Yao Wang used to be the oldest, 23 years old, he began dating a Russian man and moved in with him. Antonio felt bad for Kiku and the rest of the Asians who were close to the Chinese man. Antonio was going to drop out of school if he didn't have enough for college. He could just work small jobs here and there, to gather money for the orphanage. Besides he loved children, and was extremely good with them. When he's older he even planned working at the same orphanage. 

Antonio heard a motor behind them and it went straight next to them. He didn't notice it very much until it had gotten closer, he blinked at the black van which looked suspicious, just to be safe, he picked up his pace of walking. "Why are you going faster?" He heard the Italian say, confusion written deep into his voice. Antonio let out a shaky breath of anxiety.

"Stay away from vans...." Antonio muttered, his breath hitching, the van was close to them, going at a steady pace. Antonio lifted the boy out of the cart. "Okay I want you to run and go tell someone, Kiku or Bharat okay?"

When Lovino didn't answer Antonio bent down to his level, "Okay?"

He was met with an, "Okay." As the Italian raced off, the van opened and was next to the Spaniard who yelped, being pulled into the van. He struggled, cursing in Spanish at the men, as he flailed around, "Let me go!" He screamed, desperately pushing away the other male. Suddenly he was met with a cloth against his mouth as a strange smell had violated his nose. 

Instantly he had, in an attempt, stopped breathing through his nose. But it was too late, he began to feel drowsy. He attempted to open his eyes and kick around more, but his body wouldn't let him, it was shutting down slowly. He gave a cry of protest when he was tied up with rope, burning into his hands. He started to glare at the men who had captured him, but unable to keep his eyes opened, he slowly succumbed to the darkness.


Kiku had rushed to the spot where Lovino, one of the Italian twins had told him Antonio was. But all that was left were the abandoned groceries and cart, he inspected them. Antonio obviously left in a rush but, why? He saw tire skid marks on the paved ground next to the sidewalk. He'd left Lovino with his other brother, so he could walk around and follow the skid marks. He did so and found a white van. As he peered into the window, he saw Antonio sleeping, or was he fainted?, inside, tied up. His first instinct was to grab the imaginary katana that was usually around his waist.

The Katana... was a 'security  item' as they told him to call it, it made him feel safe. He hadn't had it now, being he had to hide it from the younger ones before they hurt their selves, it was a sharp object. It was only Antonio, the van seemingly abandoned now. Kiku attempted in breaking open the lock on the van with no success. Suddenly someone had yelled out at him. Kiku froze a bit in fear.

"What are you doing, kid? That's my van, you shouldn't be snooping around here, get lost." 

Kiku let out a shaky breath, "T-That's my friend you've kidnapped in there, let him out. I-I won't tell anyone, I promise, just let him out."

"He's seen too much," A voice whispered to Kiku's right and he jumped to the left, a face much too close to his own. 

"Well, at least we got another one." The man in front of him said.

"N-No you've gotten the wrong idea, just let me..." A hand on his arm, and he let out a panicked shriek, "No, no, no, no, no, let me go!" He screamed, pulling his hand away. The man to his right grabbed it again, kicking Kiku in the stomach. Kiku curled into his stomach, a whimper of pain escaped his lips. He was quickly thrown into the van, as it started moving he sat up, looking out the window and pounding on it. 

"Tch, keep him quiet." The man who was in front of him said, and the man who was on the right had gotten up with a cloth. 

Kiku instantly panicked and did whatever he could to stay away from the cloth, but soon he was pinned to the ground with a panicked and painful groan. He felt the cloth cover his mouth, and the smell cloud his scent. He didn't like the smell. Kiku thrashed around in an attempt to make the scent disappear. He couldn't move, pinned to the ground, and he let out a whimper of defeat as his eyes closed completely. 

So hello everyone! How are you? Everyone's who's read this story I will be doing a huge edit on it, because I honestly hate how it is now, so please expect updates!

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