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i slammed down my lunch tray right next to Meghan, who was just as furious as me. she sighed and banged her head on the table which made an attention-bringing sound. she lifted her head, turning back and forth then with a yell, she said, "what are you looking at?!" their eyes scurried back to their meals and they continued old conversations. i stared at Kassie, who was all buddy-buddy with hayes. my brows furrowed as stress marks appeared in my forehead.

"looking at this makes me sick." she said while sticking out her tongue in an ill-manner. she batted her coated eyelashes and looked at me. "what are you going to do princess?"

"what do you mean me?" i crossed my chest with my hands, battled at why she thinks i had a plan. i do have a plan but it's just pretty wicked and evil so i don't think it should be put into action. "yeah, you are Hayes's crush."

"not anymore." i put my chin in my hand and slouched down against the table. "well, you are "dating" Caniff."


"that's why i put quotation marks."

after a few seconds of silence, we stood up in sequence and stomped our foot. "i'm going over there." we said and walked over to the table we seemed to be banished from. laughs mellowed down once they say us. taylor stared at me in awe, hayes scolded me, kassie gave a devious smirk and the other people just stared blankly.

"taylor this is your fault." meghan close to throwing a tantrum. her golden locks flew for 3 seconds and landed perfectly on her shoulder, not even one strand of hair sticking up. this was taylor's fault but then again i was wrong for thinking that his simple, meaningless 'crush' on me was just for revenge. Meghan and taylor barked at each other while I stood there in front of hayes who had his arm around Kassie. my brows furrowed and my jaw clenched. "haha, I should of known you were just a player." I laughed hysterically, throwing my hands up along with his bullcrap.

"you're caniff's girl." hayes spat.

"no, i was yo-.." i stopped myself. i was in too deep. i was falling for hayes but i underestimate that he was falling for me. i squeezed my eyes together then peered at hayes who's expression seemed like he was waiting for me to finish. "just forget it." i grabbed Meghan who was screaming her head off. my worse enemy actually trying to help me was a pretty crazy sight. "hayes, you messed up! have fun with caniff's leftovers!"

she kept yelling snarky remarks until we sat down. "kassie is going to end up getting a pretty foot up her ugly behind." meghan flustered. i agreed to that one.

 i realized that kassie was a conniving bleep, bleep. she came to apologize, trying to get on my good side while she somehow knew as a good-hearted person i am, i would try to make things right. she stayed with the guys and got close to hayes and she already knew taylor had a crush on me so it was an easy plan to put in action. i should of known something was up. this is like detecting the murder who has no trace. everything that happened was a plan but with taylor just being in the maya fan club, now that was luck.

 "are you going to the game tonight?" meghan had a devious smirk on her face. "there's a game today?" my hand holding my chin as i stirred a spoon in my lumpy mash potatoes. "geez, weirdo bottom feeders." she murmured to herself.

 "i can hear you."

she rolled her eyes. "you're going." she stood up and put her powder pink michael kors over her shoulder. "i'll be at your house around 6." her pumps clattered on the floor as she headed for the exit. "i have better things to do!" i yelled but she only flung her hand up saying; "you don't have life." that was true but we didn't have to mention that to the entire student body.

football isn't my thing and i was just thinking of numerous ways to back out of it.

i might discontinue this book because it makes no sense if you want me to continue, i will but i going to be making another hayes book so yeah, just let me know what you guys think and want me to do with this book .

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