Stars and Stitches

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I blinked slowly. "Oh."

"Yes. And the mark, of course... And I think that's it, unless you weren't physically fit before... How Did you get that muscular, yet thin?" She pointed with her knuckle at my stomach.

I laughed gently. "Sami whipped me into shape. Ten years of learning Martial Arts and the Philosophies of War and Peace." I said.

She smiled. "Sami is your foster mother?"

I nodded. "She is. And my teacher." I said.

She hummed. "Alright. Well, I'm going to have you try some magic now. It's scientifically based on your level of concentration. Every human being has electricity and magnetic fields in their body. 'Magic' is using those fields to influence things around you. Understand?" She asked, and several objects lifted off the floor, then set themselves back down.

I nodded slowly. "I think it seems like Telekinesis, but real... It's just a theory where I'm from. Here it seems to have been realized..."

She nodded. "Good. You try." She placed my cup on the table.

I hummed and reached into myself, thinking about my electromagnetic field as just that, a field. I extended it, and she flicked my ear. "No, you're just pushing outwards. Good if you're in a pinch and surrounded, but not to pick up a cup. Try again."

I hummed and then pushed again, making my field into a hand they reached and touched the cup.

It shattered explosively, and she raised a hand. The cup out itself back together. "That was better, but you have to realize your own strength. If that had been a person, they'd be dead. Electromagnetic force is nothing to play with. Dial it back, times 10,000."

I nodded and focused a tiny prick of the net into a hand shape, and reached for the cup. I picked it up slowly, and it cracked again, but held.

"A little less, but good for a third try. That's enough for today. I just wanted to be sure you could do it." She said, waving her hand gently. I watched as the magical energy traveled slowly, tapping the cup.

It slowly helped the crack, and I nodded. "Interesting. The precision I must reach is a long way off."

She smiled. "Only healers must be as precise as I. If that is your path, then yes. There are those that could fix that cup from across the planet if they so chose. They are the ones who try to reconfigure atomic structures."

"Alchemy?" I asked.

She blinked.

"Turning lead into gold?" I asked.

She nodded, understanding. "Yes. Like that. But more like, turning Carbon Monoxide into Oxygen Bicarbonate." She shrugged.

I smirked. "At least I know the periodic table."

She laughed. "I guess that's a relief."

A tall man walked in, and grinned. "Ah, he's awake! Hello, boy, I am Chief Sebel." He strode forward and offered a hand.

I gripped his forearm, and nodded. "I am Caleb Johnson." I answered.

He hummed, releasing me. "I see. What were you doing in the woods, Lord Caleb?"

"I was walking off my grief at my Grandmothers passing, and felt the Cat following me. So I tried to get back to my home, but ended up going further into the forest. Now I'm here." I said, shrugging.

He hummed. "I didn't know about a nobles house in my forest..."

"It's not your forest, Sebel. Don't be arrogant. And it's on the far side, isn't it?" Sandi looked at me.

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