Chapter 1

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I remember those words my sister used to repeat to me. I don't see how, because I was just a baby at the time, but I remember them distinctly. Saved in the back of mind until this day. She would repeat to me,over and over again, "I'll never let anything bad happen to you Xavier. I'll always protect you."


I ran quickly around the corner of the school as their steps got faster behind me. My breath was coming faster now and it hurt to continue running, but I couldn't stop now. I couldn't let them catch me again. I've been through that before and I never want that to happen again.

"Come back here, queer. We just wanna talk!" They shouted from somewhere behind me.

I kept running, across the school parking lot and into the woods. My breath came faster still as I pelted through the trees. I ran and thought hard about what I could do to stop this from happening to me. I mean, Why me?! Why is it always me? I'm not the only gay in the school and I'm certainly wasn't the most obvious out of all of us.

 I started to panic, making breathing even harder than it was before. I told myself to stop overreacting and overthinking. Just calm down.That's when I remembered what my sister always used to tell me.

I quickly whipped out my phone and dialed Michaela's number. The jocks were getting closer behind me and I cursed my phone as it slowly loaded the number and it began to ring. She answered within the first ring since I only call her on her cell phone when it is a major emergency.

"What's wrong little brother?" was the first thing she said as she answered.

"MICHAELA, THE JOCKS ARE CHASING ME AGAIN! COME SAVE ME!!" I said. Just then, I almost tripped, dropping my my phone in the grass.

"Aw, the queer needs his sissy. How cute!" The jocks yelled behind me.

I skidded to a stop and ran up the skinny tree to my left. I got up as high as I could when I noticed the jocks in a huddle at the base of my tree. They broke apart with big grins on their faces.Taylor started climbing up the tree. He only got up so far when the branches began to snap under his weight. See, I had the advantage here. I had a petite build. I aslo have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and flawless skin. I was quite gorgeous if I might say so myself.

I was snapped back to reality when I heard branches snapping. I turned to see Jake climbing up the tree this time. He stopped when he was about the same distance up the tree that Taylor was. He growled and backed down the tree. He yelled up to me "Fuck you, you little ass." He started to stomp away but Matt grabbed his sleeve and made him stay. Awwww. I made him mad. Point one for me.

 Next up was Brad. He was only about three of four feet below me when we both turned to the sound of tires squeeling around the corner. My sister's purple Mustang swerved around the corner and came to a stop in the middle of the school parking lot. She stepped out, looking dramatic in a leater jacket, black knee boots, and dark shades. She slammed her door and strutted across the parking lot.

Matt looked a little worried but hurredly replaced the look with one of boredom. He yelled up to Brad "Dude, just give it up. I'm getting bored." Brad looked uncertain. He was obviously loving the thrill of the chase but , in the end, loyalty won out and he returned to the base of the tree. I stayed at the top, not exactly feeling safe yet. I watched Matt walk out into the parking lot, straight towards Michaela. Uh-oh.

She walked up to him and stood up in his face. It was actually quite funny, seeing as she was about 5 inches shorter than him, exactly my height. He tried to shoulder his way around her but she shoved his shoulders. He fell to the ground, mostly out of the suprise that someone would stand up to him. She spit at his feet and walked around him. When she got towards his followers, she growled and they walked around her, giving her a wide birth and walking over to their precious Matt.