13. Set me ablaze.

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13. Set me ablaze.

What is being human if not to love and feel. What is being human, woman with skin as pale as moonlight and hair the color of ember? Oh, son of demons. I ask you what is it to be human if not to sacrifice.

It had been six days since we met with the Fire priestess; I was no closer to solving the riddle and it was already the day of the blood moon.

We had spent the days in the  company of the nomads on the outskirts of the ruins. Kali, the stray dog laid beside me as I puzzled over what the fire priestess said.

You will both have to let go of what you want, in order to get what you need.

“I fucking hate riddles,” I muttered into the sands.

The weather was surprisingly cool. Clouds covered most the scorching heat from the sun and provided a shade so rare, the nomads decided to sing in appreciation. Our adopted tribes people sat around in a circle with their instruments at the ready, but I sat a little ways off watching them as they sang a song that chilled me down to my core.

tohse naina laage mili roshni

tohse man jo laaga mili zindagi

mohabbat jise baksh de zindagani

nahi maut par khatm uski kahaani

“What are they saying,” I asked Bharat. He sat beside me, petting Kali to sleep. I was mildly surprised as to how quickly the two became friends.

Bharat sighed, his eyes to the clouds.

“My eyes are entangled with you and I got light

My heart entangled with you and I got life

Love, which forgives -- gives someone his or her life

Their story doesn't end with their death.”

I felt sick.

I needed to get away. Somewhere far from the music and the people. I need some solitude. I wrapped a blanket around me and walked away from Kali and Bharat. I walked away from the camp and the ruins. I just needed to go as far as I could until I couldn’t hear the music. I needed to find Laurent.

Laurent had been avoiding me the last few days.

“If that stupid shit ran away so that I don’t sacrifice his ass – “

Out in the distance I could make out a lone figure sitting on the desert sands; I made my way over to him.

“I thought you ran away.”

Laurent scuffed. “I am bound to the mirror. All you have to do is say my name and I’ll be pulled back.”

“The blood moon is tonight. It’s either me or you.” I chuckled, masking my angst.

Laurent kept his eyes on the sands. “I should not have bound you to that promise. I did not know the price.”

He was giving me a way out.

I did not know why the decision I had to make tormented me so much. It was rather simple; I did not have to honor the pact. I would be rid of Laurent and become fully human. It was exactly what I wanted. Why was I making things more difficult then they needed to be?

“All we need to do is solve the riddle that’s all. Stop being dramatic. Then we can both get what we want.”

I began to pace. I could already feel the change beginning. It was still day, true but I could feel the anxiousness of the beast wanting to be let out.