A Mates Mark

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Slowly opening my eyes to check the time, I saw that it was only one in the afternoon meaning we had dozed off for about an hour. 

Trevor was breathing lightly behind me while we were spooning with his arms over my waist. It felt good, I felt good. Lying there in comfort I realized I also felt different. Not just because I was now mated, but because I could no longer feel Aiden. It’s as if he never held a place within my heart, and I liked that feeling. I was free from an unwanted bind that I had carried around for too long and it was all thanks to the virile wolf beside me.

Grabbing onto the hand Trevor had over my waist, I thought about what just happened. It was amazing. There was a bit of pain in the beginning but he was so gentle and sweet. Not to mention H-O-T-T hot! I wondered to myself, “Is it always that good?”

“Actually it gets even better.” Trevor said out loud answering my thoughts and causing me to jump.

“What? But…how? Huh?” I asked confused.

He sent his thoughts directly to my mind, “We are mated now, we can speak with each other without anyone else having to know. Which will come in handy when I want to send you little ideas of all the things I plan on doing to you.” He started to run his hands up and down my leg.

“Already?” I asked shocked.

“Babe, now that you’re mine, I’m going to want you even more, all day and all night. I won‘t be able to control it!” he laughed at the mixture of awe and weariness on my face. “Just kidding, the only reason the feeling is so strong right now is because I haven’t given you my mark yet and my wolf is restless to do so, as yours probably is. It’s just that you were so wild our first time around, I was worried the ecstasy of it would be too much.”

“Your ego needs to be checked at the door if you want another chance at this, Mr. Alpha.” I teased then excitedly asked, “So when can we get this handled because I don’t want to be fighting you off my body all night long. I will, eventually have to return home to let them know what’s happened. Not everything, but the important parts at least.”

“Baby, it was all important but to answer your question we can start right now.” he said while pulling me on top of him.

He kissed my lips first before roaming the rest of my body and I felt it hum with satisfaction.

Our lovemaking this time around was just as intense as the first time only with a slower pace as we both learned each and every aspect of one another’s body. Trevor finally switched our positions and at the exact moment he entered me I felt his canines sink their teeth into my skin, right below my left ear, in the curve of my neck. 

As fast as the pain was hit it was taken away to be replaced with pleasure so powerful it seemed I would pass out. When we reached completion I felt a warm tingle in the center of my chest but was too weak to see what the cause was. 

Trevor untangled himself from me and rested against the head board pulling me onto his chest. That’s when I saw the mark.

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