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this story is slowly flopping oh no.

just an fyi i had no idea what to do with this chapter bc i had two ideas for it and couldn't choose so if it's a lil messy i am sorry.

also, very important!!! this chapter switches povs a lot so yeah, !!

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chapter six: the double date

Ava sat alone at a table for two in a fancy yet laid back restaurant, with her head stuffed into a book and her knee bouncing. Soft music played, originally to calm the guests, but it just made her more fidgety. She bit her lip and glanced at her friends that were seated not too far from her, slightly jealous.

Becca and Calum seemed to be having fun, chatting away and laughing. The pair sat a table away, talking about things that best friends usually talked about, except they couldn't stop flirting. It was so cute that it was gross (even if their signs, according to Becca, weren't very compatible). They were obviously so into each other, lost in their own reality, unintentionally making Ava feel left out.

She regretted showing up in the first place, she knew her therapist was talking bullshit when he recommended going out more and trying to be social. She normally didn't jump right into things and always hid her nervousness, and she was beginning to realize why.

Ava Morrison was the queen of overthinking and emotional unstableness, so going on a date mixed with the feeling of knowing that she possibly got stood up, certainly did not rest easy in her system. She placed her hand over where a box of cigarettes laid in her pocket, instinctively, outlining it with the pads of her fingers which made her slightly relax. She felt her heart slow down.

"Is he, uh, held up or something?" Ava asked suddenly, causing Calum's head to turn up and away from the girl across from him and on her.

She could see slight pity in his eyes and her stomach sunk. She might've not known the boy all that well, but he was as easy to read as a book's cover.

The tan boy pulled his phone out of his pocket, checking his notifications. He then smiled warmly at her, "Yeah, don't worry, Ashton is late to everything. He's very excited to meet you, Bec has told him lots."

There was a weird look of sympathy on his face and although it was a sweet gesture, Ava didn't like it. She began to wonder how many things Becca has told how many people about her. She faked a smile back, and continued to stare out the window. Just then, Calum's phone rang, blasting a loud song by State Champs, making her chuckle. The boy's got good music taste, she couldn't deny that. She watched him scramble to answer his phone. She heard him agree a couple times before he eventually stared at the door until a boy with curly, dirty blonde hair entered.

His face flashed with recognition when he saw the trio and approached them, out of breath.

"So, so, so sorry that I'm late, I got lost and the parking and then you know the kid back home was talking about some girl and wouldn't stop asking me where I was going - I'm rambling aren't I?" He then caught a glimpse of Ava and waved shyly, "You must be the girl who wants to kill me for being so late."

He was cute, that was plain as day. He seemed nice, which was good; he had nice taste in clothing too. Perhaps this may actually lead to something that didn't end up badly. Of course, Ava didn't have high hopes, but she was trying to.

"It's fine," she said, nodding her head at him, inviting him to sit down, "Better late than never. Oh, God. That was lame, I'm sorry. Should I be apologizing? I'm so awkward, I'm sorry."

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