Charlotte is a babe! 

*Charlotte wishes she was a babe. 

*Charlie is jelly. 

*Charlie would never need to be jelly, as she is a proper babe. 

*But Charlie is not a PROPER babe, she's a fake. :O


"The shows over motherfuckers!" *Charlotte shoots the camera with a gun*

stfu you hoe.

^Too far charlie!! That was ment to be the end when I shot the camera! :L 


Chapter 12

**Courtney's POV**

We were nearly back to town when I first noticed it. The bus driver was on a walkie-talkie, speaking in urgent, hushed tones. I read his mind to see what was wrong.

"A bomb. There can't be, they must've got it wrong, not on this little bus. Why would terrorists target us?! I'll get everyone off at the next stop... Just to be safe."

This was all I heard before a great ripple seemed to go through the bus, alarm and horror crossed each of my friends faces in turn, and next thing I know, I'm watching all of my best friends perish in the blaring heat and flames. I looked down in shock at my slowly vanishing body now colours of gold and absurd silver flecks all swirling and twirling around in my now transparent flesh. I faded more and the bus disappeared from underneath me, I felt like i was having one if those dreams when you fall down a hole and wake up suddenly. But when I woke up I was stood in front of school, not in my bedroom, it wasn't a dream.

"Hello, are you new?" I turned and saw a girl of similar height to me. She was smiling and had long, brown hair. She was very pretty, although she didn't wear lots of make-up. She had brown eyes,she looked at me expectantly.

"Erm... yes, I'm new" I smiled at her, she seemed perfectly nice. "My name's Courtney Ellwood."

"Okay, my name's Bea. I can show you around if you want?" She said, pointing at the front doors.

"Yes please, I'll probably get lost anyway though!" I smiled at her and we went through the front doors and to reception.

The thing is I knew this was happening all along, it's been happening to me for hundreds of years now. My humanity and sanity have almost gone now, i'm hardly human anymore. I'm trapped in this altered, arduous world of the same duplicated thing happening over and over again. Because I was the one who placed the bomb under the bus hundreds of years back... Because I was the one who killed all of my friends... Because I'm a rogue immortal...



There can never be an end to a story. 'The Never Ending storyyyy, la la la la la la la la laaaaa! The Never Ending storyyyy la la la la la la la la laaaaa!' ^_^

So yeah, they all died. Oh no! We didn't really think this was going anywhere and we don't really feel many people are reading it anymore, so we killed them all off. (except Courtney) lol she's EVVVVVVIIIIIILLLLL!! DURDURDUUUHHH!

Oh, and Ben's gay. Just in case you haven't figured it out yet (it was pretty obvious).

So if you are reading this, thanks I guess but we just didn't get enough support.

Oh and sorry for he bad language before... We got carried away...

Cya bro.

Charlie & Charlotte x

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