( chapter thirteen. )

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  BEFORE ANYONE COULD REACT, Andy reached forward and grabbed onto the agent in front of her. She slammed him into the elevator doors, dodging the wild swing he made at her with his taser. Her jaw felt tight with frusteration as she lifted her knee, swiftly bringing it to the man's face. With the brute force and strength the female used, he was instantly knocked out.

  But, she had no time to admire her quick work as someone made a grab at her from behind. They would've had the advantage too, if it weren't for the fact that they'd made their presence known. She grabbed onto the person's hand, using it to easily flip the S.T.R.I.K.E. member over her shoulder.

  Her actions left him disoriented and the brunette was quick to easily knock the man out with a few punches. Andrea then turned at the sound of Steve grunting, watching in surprise as his hand became attached to the wall by a strong, magnetic handle. The brunette heaved a sigh, "Do I have to do everything myself?" She muttered.

  Andy glanced at the agent in front of Steve. Lifting her leg, she quickly roundhouse-kicked the man before he could attach the other device onto the Rogers man's wrist. The impact of the blow sent his body falling limp and, almost immediately, every agent and S.T.R.I.K.E. member turned to stare at the Jones girl.

  The female flicked a piece of hair out or her face, "Bring it on." She challenged, a dangerous grin glinting on her lips. Andrea fluttered her eyelashes before teleporting behind one of the men. She elbowed the back of his head, teleporting in front of him just as he collapsed. She knelt down, using two sharp blows to finish him off.

  Turning around, the female swiped out the feet of the man who dove for her. His grip on his taser fell and the device clattered to the floor. Andrea snatched at the weapon, picking it up and bringing it to the agent's head. Within seconds, his body fell slack and slid to join the rest of his friends on the floor.

  When she was done, Andy stood slowly to face her remaining opponents; Rumlow and another S.T.R.I.K.E. member.

  In a swift, undetected movement, Andrea swung out her leg in a kick to dislocate the S.T.R.I.K.E. agent's knee with a resounding snap. She swung her fist, connecting her knuckles with the man's face before slamming his head against the elevator bar. In what seemed like mere seconds, she'd already eliminated him as a threat.

  The female then turned to Rumlow, fully prepared to deliver a fast blow to his face. Though, she was stopped short as his hand reached out and quickly caught her fist. Andy's eyes widened as she was forcefully shoved back into a wall. Her head smacked against the metal, sending a vision of white sparking behind her eyes.

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