Try and Change Me (I dare you)


As a writer in the school paper I have to come up with exciting headlines. It's not easy when nothing interesting happens at this godforsaken school. The most exciting thing that I've heard about all week was our history teacher stapling his finger to a piece of paper. I don't know if he just left it in or ripped it out and continued teaching.

A friend of mine suggested I do my paper on a haunted house. Something that would make your pulse race while reading the article. She was usually good with advice like that so I complied and was currently typing away on my laptop... in the middle of speech class, which obviously wasn't a good idea considering Mrs. Reynolds is the devil incarnated. She heard the pads of my fingers lightly touching the keyboard and freaked out while someone was giving a speech.

"Put the laptop up Avias. Someone is trying to give their speech and you're showing disrespect by not paying attention and distracting others." I had to work hard to keep the smile on my face. She was the only teacher that insisted on calling me Avias all the time. I preferred to be called by my middle name, Kel, but nobody really cared. It was Ave, or just plain A.

By the time she finished her mini rampage the whole class had gone silent and everyone was looking at me. I heard a few people trying to hold back their laughter while I smiled at the old woman who seemed to have a permanent frown painted on her face. It was very unattractive, really.

"Of course, ma'am. Sorry Jenn!" I said a little louder to my friend up at the front who had been giving her speech. She waved at me and laughed.

"It's cool, now I'm less nervous."

What can I say? I love helping others.

I carefully slid my laptop back into my bag and zipped it up.

The students one-by-one going up to the podium still didn't catch my attention. I was too focused on trying to come up with a new idea for our paper. Something everyone would be interested in. I could do a student survey. It would take a while, but that would make people want to read the paper to see if I put a quote of theirs in it.

A semi-loud yell broke through my thoughts and snapped me back into reality.

"You're freaking dumb!" I recognized the voice to be my friend, Jennevieve's. I raised an eyebrow at her but she was too focused on the girl at the front of the class to notice me. Turning back to the girl giving her speech, my attention was drawn to the PowerPoint labeled, 'Why Gay's Shouldn't Marry."

I tried to hold back the laugh bubbling from my chest. I didn't know people would actually go to the extreme of bringing that into a school project. I wasn't quite sure what I was more shocked by. The fact that my quiet little Jennevieve yelled out durring class, or our teacher allowed someone to do a hateful speech... about gay people.

"Jennevieve. That's enough. Nobody booed while you gave your speech and I expect you to show the same respect to others." Mrs. Reynolds barked in a stern voice. It sounded awkward coming out of her mouth, but that might just be because I hate her.

"Well I didn't give a hurtful speech." Jenn grumbled and glared at her books.

I fought the urge to agree with Jennevieve and instead continued to look at the PowerPoint. Her speech better be pretty convincing. Being the little gay boy I was, it was difficult to persuade me against gay marriage.  

"Continue, Susan." Mrs. Reynolds waved and started the timer again.

Susan started her speech by repeatedly saying "I don't think gay marriage is wrong, I just don't agree with it." Which made no sense to me. Usually you're with, against, or could care less. It was like she didn't like gay people... but she doesn't think they're freaks of nature. I will never understand people.

Throughout her spiel I was a bit disappointed. She didn't make any valid points whatsoever. Not to be a Christian-killer, but she only mentioned how the bible said it was wrong. Of course she was still going to get an A on this -obviously not well planned out- speech, because our teacher was a major Christian.

The slide that shocked me most though, was labeled, 'A way to help'. It was a list of hospitals and churches that could hopefully change your 'gay ways'. That stunned me a little before I felt the heat of a light bulb spring above my head. It was so perfect. How had I not thought of this before? I was going to do my next big article on camps that slapped the gay out of you. I can see the title now. 'God save the Queer.'

AN: My first boyxboy i don't know if it's good or not. Hopefully the first? :D   So as my beginning chapter I'm going to say that yes: this is boyxboy (if I haven't said that enough) and if you don't like that kind of thing, then don't save this to your library... that simple. My friend, the lovely Sarah, is helping edit. ;D love you sarah. Enjoyed hopefully? If you stick with me on this you won't regret it. Maybe.

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by the way I actually had that happen in real life. Yeah a girl gave her speech on anti-gay marriage. So most of that was for real except the names. And I'm not a gay boy :)


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