Ch.8: we hear the prophecy

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Ch.8: we hear the prophecy

Annabeths pov

Do you know what it's like to be in a life and death situation?

It's horrible. you know that your life is in the hands of someone else and they could just step on you if you made the slightest wrong move.

Lets just say I never want to be in that situation again. just the fact that three of the most dangerous people showed up in our camp with the gods there was a sure sign of war. it didn't take a child of Athena to see that.

chaos hade told us to suit up so that's exactly what we were doing right now. although most of use were already suited up. we were all anxious to see what would happen. the biggest threat we ever hade was Gaea and we hade stopped her from awaking. and just when you thought there wasn't a threat.

I walked out of my cabin with my dagger and my laptop Daedalus had given me. I was still looking through that laptop. it just had so much good stuff on it.

I was headed to the armory were some of the new campers were getting fitted with a weapons and armor. we needed all the people we could get if we were going to win this war. we had sayters on over drive finding more demigods. after the giant war the romans brought there fauns over and we hade our sayters teach the fauns our ways. so now we hade twice as many sayters.

as I walked I saw some of the older campers teaching the newer campers to fight. we even had the epsilon army help teach the new campers, which I though showed that the army wouldn't hurt use.

I continued toward the armory when Grover came up with juniper. Grover had given up trying to fit in as a human so he mostly stayed in the wild or just stuck around at camp. he grabbed my arm and pulled me to a stop and said "we're having a councilor meeting." I nodded and we headed for the mess hall.

normally, now, we have our meetings in the practice arena so I had no idea why we were going to the mess hall. I looked at Grover and asked "uhh, why are we going to the mess hall?" "because-" he said "there are tables there and we have people practicing in the arena." I nodded that made perfect sense.

as we made our way to the mess hall I could see almost everyone was there. I sat down at one of the seats next to Chiron.

once everyone was present and seated the meeting began. Chiron and the gods explained to use what was happening and what our out comes were. here and there, there would be good news but most of the news was bad.

then out of no were the one thing we didn't expect to happen happened..........Rachel had a the middle of our meeting.

green smoke swirled around our feet and here eyes turned a glowing green. then she spoke.

three immortals shall rise again

planned revenge till there last breath

daughter of Athena with a friend shall help the son of the sea

one must fall at a great ones hand

to save the land that is loved the most

the power of three the heroes must with stand

or watch the world fall to the enemys hands

then Rachel past out in her seat. everyone was silent not wanting to make a sound. then the idiot beside me had to speak "I thought prophecies were suppost to rhyme." I smacked my head. storm was an idiot.


sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been really busy. i will be fixing one of the chapters in this book. thanks to synni13, she was the first one to answer the question. thanks to everyone else who answered the question. and the answer was alecto or also known as mrs.Dodds.

question: who were the two people Percy saw before he past out on the porch of the big house when he first arrived to camp Half-Blood?

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