Author's Note:

This is not a serious story alright? It's a bit wacky and immature because it was inspired from an Anime (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama) and a Korean drama (Playful Kiss). I'm currently editing this story, so please don't mind the minor mistakes. Enjoy! =))


This is a 3rd person's point of view kind of story. The new version which will be in 1st person is already posted. You can check it out in my profile. The title is Peanut Butter Kisses.

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Twelve years ago..

"Peanut butter! Wait for me!" Kristina yelled in a cute high-pitched voice as she chased her little friend all around their garden.

"Ha ha ha! Catch me if you can POOPY!" he replied. Daniel was a mischievous little kid. Since he was the son of the CEO of a big company, his father always dropped him off by his friend's house to play. He lost his mother when she gave birth to him and he had no other relatives with enough free time to look after him. He practically spent all his childhood years in the garden of his playmate, Kristina. "No fair! No fair!" the little girl screeched. "You're too fast!"

Kristina ran across the arch with a slight pout on her face. She was wearing a cute little pink dress given to her as a gift by Daniel's dad. After a slight moment, she tripped and fell on the ground. Her favorite pink dress was covered in dirt and her face was splashed with mud.

Daniel stopped running away and immediately ran back to Kristina. "Wow..." He said as he looked at the sad little girl sitting on the ground. "You're a mess..."

Slowly, Kristina's eyes began to fill with tears; she bit her lip as if she was trying to hold it in. "U-Uncle gave me this dress for my birthday... And now... It's ruined!" She looked down at the ground and quickly brushed off her tears. She didn't want Daniel to see her crying.

"Um..." Daniel scratched his head. In a panic, he quickly searched his pockets for something to wipe his playmate's face with. Luckily, he brought his blue handkerchief. He knelt to the ground and wiped Kristina's face as if she was a plate. He was only five years old back then.

"Don't cry Poopy," he said. "My daddy will get you a new one. With lots of flowers on them too."

"But this one was my favorite..." Kristina sniffed.

"Well..." Daniel looked even more troubled. "I guess this will do then..." He took off his coat and wore it over Kristina's shoulders. "That coat is my favorite too, but you can have it."

In an instant, Kristina smiled and Daniel smiled back. He stood up and gave her his hand, helping her to stand up. She took his hand and then they began to chase each other again. When they finally felt tired, they laid down on the plain grass, feeling the cool breeze pass by their faces.

"What are you doing?" Daniel asked when he noticed his friend picking up some flowers.

"Here!" she smiled cheerfully as she crowned him with flowers. "I now declare thee, Sir Peanut Butter!"

"Oooh. It's so pretty Poopy!" He said as he watched the falling petals land on his nose.

"I shall now reward you with a kiss for saving me from the evil Mud King of the ground!" she said in a cute squeaky voice.

Daniel blushed the moment he heard her say "kiss". He didn't say anything, instead, he closed his eyes tight and held his breath. Kristina did the same. Daniel nervously made his move and kissed her.

After that, she giggled and Daniel, still shaking and blushing like crazy, hugged her and said, "I love you Poopy."

"Why I love you too Sir Peanut Butter!" she replied.

Daniel made a sad face and muttered, "Yeah.. and I'm really gonna miss you..."

"Huh? Did you say something?" Kristina said, not paying attention at all. She was too busy picking up flowers.

~'*'~'*'~'*~'*'~'*'~'*'~'*~'*' ~'*'~'*'~'*~'*' ~'*'~'*'~'*~'*'

The next day, Daniel and his father packed their things and went inside the car. His father was transferring to another company and the location was in Europe.

"Daddy, do we really have to leave?" The little boy asked as he crossed his arms and pouted at the front seat, beside his dad.

"Yes son, daddy's got a great deal there and I promise we'll come back here after I've fixed some things there at Europe. After all, Kristina's parents and I had an agreement." He told him.

"How long are we gonna be there?" Daniel asked again.

"About a couple of years."

The car was already on the road, the trucks with their furniture and stuff went ahead. As his father stopped by Kristina's house to say goodbye to her parents, Daniel saw his little friend standing on the sidewalk holding a basket filled with newly picked flowers. He opened his window.

"Where are you going? Why didn't you tell me you were going?" Kristina sobbed.

"I'm sorry..." Daniel looked as if he would burst into tears. "But my daddy..."

"It's alright Sir Peanut Butter," Kristina wiped her tears with her arm. "I understand... But promise me you'll come back and --" she leaned on the car on her tippy toes and whispered something to Daniel's ear.

He turned red because of what she whispered and quickly nodded.

"Pinky swear?" Kristina raised her little hand.

"Pinky swear." Daniel painfully smiled and squeezed his playmate's pinky with his own.

"We're leaving Daniel, say good bye to Kristina," his dad said as he started the engine once more.

"U-Um.. Okay... So..." Daniel looked down. "Bye..."

He and his father already drove away. Daniel quickly transferred to the back seat and saw his friend waving at him good bye. "Bye bye Sir Peanut Butter!" Kristina's voice began to fade away.

"Bye bye Poopy..." Daniel shed a single tear. That was the last time he saw his friend.

Twelve years later... (Present)


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