The Secret Disguise

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The sun rose and the night slowly turned into day. The sunlight were hitting on the curtains of my room. I heard my alarm clock ring. I sighed as I rubbed my eyes and stretch my arms. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It was 5:00 am. The perfect time for jogging around the park. I went to the washroom and got changed into my my gymn outfit.

I ran down the stairs and went outside and started to jogg. After a while, I came in our house and closed the main door and took a towel and whip my sweats. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was 6:00 am. Good! Now, I can make breakfast. I went in the kitchen and started to make breakfast.

"Hey Avery!" I heard my elder brother, Alex, said as he came downstairs.

"Good morning big brother," I said as I took the breakfast on the table.

I live with my big brother and my big sister. Our parents are being always in other country doing their businesses. So, I grew up with my siblings alone, and stsrted to stay with them since I was only 5 years old. Big brother is a very nice man and he is very over protective around me and my sister. Well . . . He is the eldest from all of us. He is a businessman and he is still single although he is 29 years old. Me and my sister insisted that he should get married but he wants us to be settle first before he moves to his married life.

"Good morning Avery and big brother!" We heard out sister saying it as she came to the dining room to have breakfast.

"Good morning sis," I said as I hugged her.

"Good morning Amelia!" Big brother said.

She sat on the table and started to out breakfast. Sis is 25 years old and she is already married. But her husband is in Germany working so big brother told her to stay with us because she needs to be taken care of, especially when she is with a unborn child in her womb.

From the time when I was 5 years old, dad and mom are always into work, so big brother, sis and me live alone at home. Sis is really sweet and nice and she is like a mom to me sometimes. She knows everything about me. She is very previous to me and so is her unborn child so I always do all the house work so that she doesn't need to do any work. Big brother is also very important to me so I often help him in business so that he doesn't need to do all work alone.

I finished my breakfast and said, "I will be going to the school now."

"Wait Avery, I will drop you to your school," big brother said as he finished his breakfast quickly and grabbed his files and hugged sis. "Amelia, take care and if anything happen, inform me."

Big brother is not only over protective but very caring towards us but at his work, he is known as the most stick person.

"Bye sis!" I said as I hugged her and she hugged me back.

Then me and big brother went near his car and drove me to my school. I was still in high school in grade 11. I got out of the car and said, "Bye big brother!"

"Bye and take care!" He said as he drove his car away.

I turned around, finding my friend Rachel standing. "Hi Rachel!" I said.

"Hey!" She said as she hugged me. "Your brother is so cool!" She said.

"You say that to every guy you see, Rachel!" I said as we went in the classroom and I took my seat.

Ding dong! The bell rang as all the students came in the class and sat on their seats. Our teacher, Ms. Quinn came in the classroom with a student following her. Is she a new transfer student? I never have her in this school.

"Hello class! We have a new transfer student!" The teacher said.

Boys in our class was drooling over her. She had long blond hair and very fair skin. Not to mention, she is actually pretty, well compare to me. I barely take care of my beauty like over girls. Most of time, I am working so I don't get that much time for make up.

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