Relinquish | Yandere!Alucard

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He merely grabs your wrists, and that alone makes you realize the sheer power within his form.

And this does not even contain a fraction of it...

The silver moonlight streaming through the window, the white and coral lace of your curtains, the licking of the golden flames within your hearth, the black of his coat and his pristine shirt, wrinkling beneath, all become a melded blur of nothing.

All you note, all you perceive is the smoldering of his crimson eyes, and the glimmering of his pearled fangs.

Despite his many nocturnal visits, you speak not a word of this to your family of noble birth. After all, the golden band adorning your finger binds you to another. Your fate is tied to someone of your parents' choosing, someone who can continue your family line, someone who brings status to your noble family name. Day in, day out, you are under their intense supervision. You feel trapped, unable to escape.

Until the veil of night encircles you, a shadow creeps into your corridors.

He wears a guise of beauty; skin of porcelain white, hair blacker than the night, eyes of a deep, hypnotizing crimson. He weaves a tapestry of mesmerizing deception, clouding the eyes of all around them, intoxicating them with a taste of mystery and delight.

And you feel no different.

Too enthralled by his beautifully crafted web are your family to even notice these secret gazes.

He lures you into enticing world, a world full of sin yet twisted pleasure.

He visits you at night, unveiling his true nature, only exciting you ten fold. He indulges you in pleasures dared not whispered or even thought of in the world you dwell in. You remove the shimmering shackle from your finger and cling to him. You long to wander with him, a creature - no, the lord of the night.

And he is determined to fulfill those secret wishes.

You family notices your drawing distant. They tighten the chain about your neck. Their eyes never leave your form, always watching, always scrutinizing. They take note of the lovely glow in your cheeks dimming, your decrease in energy. All these strange signs, yet no one could truly discover your ailment.

They tried to take you. They tried to pull you away from your nocturnal, safe haven, from the embrace of your dark lover.

But, he would have none of that.

You recall the scent of blood violating your nostrils. You remember screams of agony, expressions contorted into grimaces of pain. In the midst of the blackness, you perceive eyes, alit like raging flames, and fangs glinting like a forged blade.

Cold breath against your neck, the tips of his teeth grazing down the line of your neck, sending shivers down your spine, your wrists between his hands...

Crushing you...

You are engulfed by his power...

And all you know to do is to relinquish.

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