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He Scares You (Physically)

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You and Harry got back from a friends party and he had promised not to drink. Unfortunately you had to put up with a drunk Harry living in your house hold and got a bit angry. "Harry you're always wasted all the time" You frown setting your keys on the bench. "And you're so fucking worried all the time bitch" Harry slurred stumbling towards the couch. "Stop swearing Harry" You said to him, staring at him with your arms crossed. He got up in a rush and over to you. "Don't fucking tell me what to do" Harry growled, his fist coming into contact with your abdomen. You wince in pain and cry from his action. "B-Babe I-I'm sorry" Harry apologised but that wasn't enough for you.


"You always make bad decisions [Y/N]" Zayn said. You were both standing face to face as things got heated in your argument. "What like you? You're always smoking Zayn and that's the worst decision" You but back. "And that was a decision I had to chose so dot judge" Zayn said, as his hand wiped swished across your cheek. "Maybe if you stop judging people [Y/N] they might just li-" Zayn paused. "What have I done!?" Zayn yelled at himself. "Enough! You've done enough!" You yell back in tears.


Liam had some friends around over at your house and they were having a few beers until it got out of hand. Liam bought you over to his lap forcefully an you were a bit scared that he acted this way. "Liam you're really drunk" You said in a worried tone. "Shut upp!" He slurred, take another sip of his beer. You got out of his grip and went into the hall away from him and his friends. You could tell that Liam had followed behind you but you let him anyways. "Why the fuck did you leave me bitch!?" Liam yelled trapping you in a corner as his arms outstretched onto the walls. "Answer me!" Liam yelled, hitting you in your stomach. You slid down the wall, crying in pain. "Oh [Y/N] I- What have I- Im sorry!" Liam said, nearly crying.


"Don't fuck about [Y/N] it was only a joke" Louis laughed. "Louis my Mum died three years ago" You said in a hurtful voice. You and Louis were telling jokes until it got a bit intimate and into the family subject. "Fuck take a joke man!" Louis chuckled, leaning back into the couch. "It's a hurtful joke then Louis" You spat, mocking him. "Don't you fucking mock me bitch" Louis glared, as he slapped his hand across your face. You were speechless at what he had done but couldn't help but cry.


"You're such a cheat Niall I saw you with that girl!" You scream as you walked into your house. It was a drunken mistake Im sorry!" Niall frowned, following behind you. "Everything's a fucking drunken mistake when are you ever going to stop using that useless excuse!?" You scream at Niall. In a split second Niall's hand came across your face making you shake a bit. "Princess I-I-I didn't mean to I-I was angry! Please!" Niall yelled, running off to you.

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