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Ayee guys, its me, da author. Welcome to mah story. This was a roleplay a friend and I did and I thought that it was pretty good and should be shared. Ameita needs some love in this fandom anyway.
My friend was Italy and I was the hero!
I fixed it up a little bit and made it less roleplayish and more fanfictionish.
There is smut. This is smut.
Boy X Boy
No likely? No readey
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia nor the characters. (no matter how much I wish I did.)
Enjoy :)

Feliciano ran up to Alfred's door and knocked on it all the while yelling.

"America! America! Are you home?"

Alfred was lying lazily on his couch watching some random boring TV when he heard a timid knock on the front door followed by some yelling with an Italian accent. Alfred grinned, knowing exactly who it was. He lifted himself off of his couch and walked to the door while stifling a yawn.

Alfred answered the door with a "Hey dude, whatcha need?"

Feli smiled brightly. "I was wondering what you were doing today."

"Eh, nothing much, just being lazy." Alfred said nonchalantly.
"Did you want to do something?" He said as he quirked his head to the side a little.

I wanted to hangout with you today"
Feli said .

Alfred smiled his signature sunny smile and said
"Sure dude! Whatcha wanna do?"

"Umm, I didn't think this far ahead." Feli said shyly.

Alfred laughed very loudly
"C'mon dude, we can watch a movie and eat food or somethin." Alfred said as he gestured inside his home.

"Yaaaay, thank you!" Feli exclaimed.


No problemo Italian dude." America chuckled and walked into his house.

America sat on his couch, leaving room for the smaller nation, and patted the cushion next to him to signal Feli to sit down; to which Feli sat close to Alfred.

Alfred noticed their closeness and silently cheered, for he loved being close to Feliciano.

"So, whatcha wanna watch?" Alfred inquired.

"Hmm, well, what movies do you have?" Feli asked.

Alfred pondered about his collection for a second before saying.
"Well, I have almost any movie you can think of in any genre.
Like, do ya wanna watch somethin funny, or scary, or romantic, or actiony?
Since I'm the hero, I'll let you pick whatever you want."

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