I Found You in Cirque

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 Some people are afraid of clowns, others simply like to watch their different tricks and performances, and few actually want to

be one. For one girl in specific, it was a dream she had always had ever since she heard about them. Perhaps maybe she wasn't into the whole 'red nose' or 'balloon animals', but she was more into the things of Cirque. Upon the early stages of her life, her parents managed to get their hands on free tickets to take her to a Cirque Du Soleil performance, and it was within the stands of the audience that she decided what she wanted to be. From then on, she worked with whatever she could get in order to become a wonderful gymnast, but the strict teachers and lack of communication with others left her with a silent and 'workaholic' attitude outside of work. Reguardless, at age 22 she was finally accepted into the job/school she wanted the most, but now she has to deal with an entire area of clowns whether they are actually in the performance or just students like her.

While some people struggle with their skills to become the best, others are specially gifted at it. For one lad, a 23 year old musician, he had rose in the ranks of many musical arts class and was accepted into Cirque Du Soleil at the young age of 19. He is far from being the best musician there, but he is well known reguardless and well loved. While it was never specifically his dream to be part of Cirque, he quickly became devoted to it do to the people and the many varieties of sound it brought to him. He's got himself a girlfriend, a well reknown school, and the perfect life going for him when the newest batch of Freshman show up.