At least then she'd have the energy to grieve over the person she'd lost and complete the task Fury had meant for them to. Andrea heaved an inaudible sigh and took to staring out the window, allowing numerous thoughts to run throughout her mind.

  Though, she chose to avoid the ones about Fury and the assassin, knowing it would only give rise to her pent-up feelings. She didn't have time to allow emotions to make her life more hectic than it already was. "He saved the lives of many political officers, including my daughter." Andrea tuned back into the conversation at the sound of Pierce's words, a soft smile on her lips.

  She often associated Nick with the words resembling saviour, because that's what he'd been for her. Andy had already heard of this story long ago. Fury had told her about it; his rebellion that gave him the position he would have still had today. He'd said, "If you feel that something is truly right when someone else tells you it's wrong, you take that risk. No matter the consequence."

  That piece of advice had never failed her since.

  "And for that you gave him a promotion?" She questioned, making polite conversation despite her knowledge. Pierce gave a firm nod, "I've never had a cause to regret my decision either. Fury was a great man." He told her and Andy couldn't have agreed more. Despite the lies and the mistrust about Fury, he was a great man.

  There was nothing he'd done that had made Andrea doubt him for a second.

  "Captain, Andrea." The female met those cold eyes once more as Pierce spoke her name. His slow drawl was calculated and with it came a chill she didn't quite understand. "Why was Nick in your apartment building yesterday?" The Jones girl knew the question had been coming and, yet, she still had no reply. She hadn't had time to think about what she would say.

  Thus far, she was sure no one knew about her being a part of the crash with Fury and something told her not to say anything about it. After what Fury had said, she refused to trust anyone with any information they'd been given─ not even S.H.I.E.L.D. She couldn't take any chances; someone had killed Fury because he knew something and Andy was determined to find out what.

  Friend or not to Nick, she knew that when he said to trust no one, he meant it. Like she'd said, Fury had never done anything to make her doubt his decisions and she wasn't going to start now. "We have no idea." Andrea finally replied, keeping her voice to a near-whisper. She had to maintain the act of a grief-stricken girl who'd lost someone close to her.

  Her eyes fell to the ground, but she was fully aware of the intense gaze Pierce had on her before he turned to Steve. "Did you know that both yours and Andrea's room were bugged?" He questioned and Andy had to refrain from smiling in bitter humor. Before her memories resurfaced, she had never imagined that she would be an object of Fury's suspicions.

  After all, he'd personally recruited her.

  However, she knew better now. Who wouldn't be suspect of an ex-HYDRA assassin? He did have the hard-drive, but even Andrea could recall that it didn't have much information beyond her experimentation. So, she tried not to be too hurt, but let the emotion shine through as she responded. "No, we didn't." She replied, her lips pressed thin.

  Andrea looked up to meet Pierce's eyes. "Did you know that he was the one to bug it?" He pressed on, and the female had to suppress the urge to give attitude. Of course she knew, who else would bug her apartment?─ and who could blame him? The last time Nick had trusted someone, he'd lost an eye.

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