( chapter twelve. )

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  PIERCE GAVE THEM A NOD, "Captain, Andrea. Please, sit." He said, gesturing to the couches that sat in the very centre of the room. The brunette offered a polite smile, but remained standing as Steve walked in and sat down. She came to a stand behind him, unaware of how protective her actions came off as.

  Though, it wasn't as if she could help it. Relaxing in the presence of this man was almost impossible. She felt on edge and, even as much as she wanted to, her body couldn't shake her unease─ not even for a second.

  There was something about this man, something chilling and cold that left her in a state of discomfort. "Please, call me Andy. All my friends do." The female told him, feigning a friendly smile as she spoke. She forced herself to walk around the edge of couch and sit down. She had to maintain a comfortable facade, no matter how she truly felt, she couldn't portray how intimidated this man made her feel.

  She feared what might happen if she did.

  Andy relaxed back into her seat, watching as Pierce gave her a kind smile. He seemed unable to look past her guise, but his eyes remained distant to the female. It left Andrea in even further disquiet. Nonetheless, she remained alert as she told herself to relax, looking over at the man with a neutral expression.

  "It's an honor, sir." Steve replied, ever the gentleman. Andy tried not to roll her eyes at his words, but the smallest of smiles played on her lips. He'd always been so polite and formal. At the very least, he'd kept one of the attributes he'd had in their past lives. Momentarily, Andrea couldn't help but wonder how much she'd kept of her's.

  However, she was quick to shake off the thought. She had to focus. "Please, the honor is mine." Pierce told him, smiling at Steve as he sat down across from the pair. Andy glanced down at the coffee table, noting the picture of a younger Nick Fury that lay on top of it. Unable to help herself, the brunette gently picked up the photograph as her heart writhed in her chest.

  The picture was of both Fury and Alexander, presumably at a ceremony or swearing-in of sorts. It didn't seem like much of a big deal to Andy. But, it must've meant something to Pierce. He was Nick's boss after all, but, he'd also known Fury for a lot longer than she had.

  Andrea smiled sadly. She often forgot that the Director wasn't as closed off as he seemed. As Pierce talked about the photo, the female found herself only half-listening to what he was saying. She was too exhausted by the events of the past 24 hours to focus too much on words she'd heard before. All she wanted to do was go home and sleep.

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