Sleek And Sassy

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Welcome, welcome to Sleek And Sassy!!!! *applause* *hands out cookies and ice cream*

Welcome, welcome to Sleek And Sassy!!!! *applause* *hands out cookies and ice cream*

Thank you so much for even trying to give this book a read. Did I mention that you're amazing? No?

Well you're dang amazing bruh.

I hope you enjoy your time here because well I aim to please.

Without further ado because I can see some impatient faces I will now tell you about what to expect here.

First of all the main genre here is humor. If you wanna laugh then this is your book. I'm the kind of person who loves anything funny. But expect the unexpectable here because well I like to dabble.

Wait, is unexpectable even a word?

Pfft who cares.

The point is expect other thingies.

Is that also a .....

Never mind.

Moving on.....

All in all I hope you love the book and its characters. Never forget to vote and comment.
Silent readers I might not be sitting near you as you greedily read my book but I swear we will know each other someday and that day I will force you to vote and eat a potato.


*clears throat*

Below is the usual copyright thingy.


No part of this book (INCLUDING THE TITLE) may be duplicated, reproduced or transmitted without the permission of the author unless you got a death wish then I dare you to try.

No, bruh just try me. Try me. *cocks gun*

I swear man I'm good.

But please if you see my book being posted anywhere else aside from wattpad please notify me.

Together let's fight plagiarism.

Every thing in this book is from my imagination so any resemblance to anything is coincidental.

Great. Now that we've cleared that piece of stuff up, kindly levitate yourself to the first chapter and decide if you'll stay for the ride, and if you leave no problem. It's all a matter of choice and taste.

*mumbles incoherently about murdering anyone who decides to attack the book with evil words*

Okay scram to the first chapter.

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