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After a good night's rest Niall was completely better and thankfully it hadn't passed on to Ashton or anyone else and Louis could focus on making sure Harry healed properly.

Ashton and Niall were currently napping so Louis decided to just relax with Harry in their room. He was on some pretty strong pain killers so he knew he'd be pretty out of it.

"Hey love how are you feeling?" He asked gently as he got into bed and tucked Harry's hair behind his ear.

"It feels exactly like it did after having a C-section with the twins." He said before bursting out into sobs out of nowhere.

"Whoa baby what's wrong?" He asked with concern as he gently rubbed Harry's arm to comfort him.

"What if I just made a huge mistake Lou?! We can't have children anymore. The boys are going to grow up and that'll be it!" He choked out in between sobs.

"Relax love it's alright. Listen to me yeah? The twins are four years old, they're going to be little for awhile. Even when they grow up they'll need us, especially Niall. We're never going to be alone."

"But when they're eighteen we won't even be fourty yet! I'm going to want more kids, I'm going to want a baby around."

"If you really want another baby we can adopt or get a surrogate. But the boys are still little so let's focus on them right now. They're the reason we did this, because of our problem with finding a balance between Niall and Ashton."

"You're right. I'm just so emotional over this, I mean I had something special and I gave it up."

"And we have two wonderful boys because of it. You'll always be special to me Haz and I'm so grateful that you've given us a family. I love you."

"I love you too Lou." Louis leaned over and pecked his lips gently before laying back down and holding Harry carefully so he wouldn't hurt his stitches. He softly carded his hands through Harry's hair and eventually he fell asleep.

Louis was sitting downstairs on the couch watching the telly when he heard little feet running down the stairs. He turned just in time to see both boys jump into his lap.

"Hi babies did you have a good nap?" 

"I not baby!" Ashton shouted where as Niall just nodded in response to Louis' question.

"You're always going to be my babies. Anyway Ash you need to go potty. Ni do you need a nappy change?"

"No Papa."

"Alright tell me when you do. When you're done Ash you and Ni can help me make dinner for daddy."

"Okay papa!" They both exclaimed. Ashton quickly ran to the loo and did his business before coming back to the kitchen. They "helped" Louis make chicken wrapped in parma ham stuffed with mozzarella with a side of homemade mash. It was a recipe that Harry had taught Louis back before Harry had even gotten pregnant. To this day it was Louis' favourite meal to cook, it was also the only meal he could cook. He handed Harry's plate to Niall and then a glass of water to Ashton then helped them make their way up the stairs.

As soon as they got in the room Niall placed the plate on the bedside table and jumped on the bed successfully startling Harry awake.

"We made you dinner daddy! Try it!" Niall exclaimed. Ashton quickly joined in on his excitement. Harry smiled and kissed their foreheads as Louis watched from the foot of the bed. Harry picked up his fork and took a bite.

"It's delicious boys thank you." He told them while discreetly blowing a kiss to Louis, making him blush.

"You better now daddy? You play?"

"Not yet love and remember, you have to use sign language."

"We'll take care of you until you're better." Niall told him.

"Yeah!" Ashton added.

"That sounds lovely, thank you boys I love you."

"We love you too daddy." They both replied.

Thoughts on Harry possibly regretting the procedure?

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