Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Present Time

Currently I was sitting on my bike in front of my new school. I've been rogue since I was 12. Knowing I couldn't be weak, I trained myself not allowing anyone to harm ever again. I became a notorious killer. Don't think of me as heartless, I saw I'm being prepared. I've never killed anyone for fun, only if they were trying to cause trouble.

To say I looked different was an understatement. My hair has grown and grew dark, if that was even possible. I had curves in all the right places. I also had high cheek bones now and a slim figure, no more fat Icy. I always wore tight clothing but nothing those girls wore like skirts that looked like belts. I knew how to fight so when vamps tried to suck my blood, mistaking me for a human I could easily take care of myself.

I swung my leg over the bike and took my helmet. I heard a collective gasps and whistles near the school from the group that had gathered. I strutted confidently towards the door only to be hit with the scent of the woody smell and blueberries. It smelled delicious, making my knees weak, my strut faltered as I laid eyes on a dark haired boy standing near the doors. His hypnotizing sea blue eyes captured my gold ones. Mate! Mate! Mate! My wolf howled in my head pacing around excitedly. Aw hell no, I can't have a mate now. I can't be tied down to him, I sound like I dude I know but I just can't have that kind of stress right now. I sped up when I noticed he tried to walk towards me.

I pulled my schedule while walking. My first class was history. I turned a corner only to bump into a muscular wall, with sparks. I stumbled but caught myself before falling, my papers flying to the floor.

"Watch where your going," I growled bending to big them up. Once I got up I looked up to see familiar sea blue eyes. Damn it.

"Hello there," my mate purred with a deep voice making me shivers. I mentally slapped myself for ever feeling this way. My wolf wasn't any help either, she was trying to take control from me to make me jump into his arms. I growled at her and she whimpered stepping back into the shadows of my mind. I glared at him willing myself to not fall for this gorgeous man in front of me. I slowly started to back away more than eager to get away, while my wolf growled in protest. Mr. handsome caught my movements and roughly grabbed my elbow, keeping me in place. I froze taking deep breathes as the nightmares I pushed deep inside of myself resurfaced.

Yanking my elbow away I turned my death glare on full blast on him. His face turned from confusion, surprise, and then pure anger in about 5 seconds. What can I say I'm good at pissing people off, but now I have an angry alpha on my hands. He tried to grab me again fear coursing through me like a tidal wave. I didn't even know I went into a defensive stance, my lip pulled back in a snarl and growls emitting from my throat. Catalina, my wolf, would protect me from anything and everything, and I for her.

He noticed this and mimicked my stance as well. He towered over me small frame growling trying to make me summit. The alpha in me coursed through my veins making me growl louder and more vicious. My wolf was raging because he dared to use his alpha tone with me. I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes. He actually expected me to bow down and kiss his toes.

"SUMMIT," he snarled. As if! My wolf was still pissed and this just made her enraged. I almost lost control of her, wanting nothing more to do then rip his throat out. I continued my stance, I was pissed too. This made him even angrier, I could care less. He was being jerk and he control over me, by then we had a gathered a small group of students, I sniffed the air. Humans and werewolves, 2 boys I saw from earlier were pushing through the crowds towards my mate and I. I knew this would be my chance to escape. I dropped my stance and pushed through the crowd making my way towards the front door. I looked back to see the 2 boys calming down my mate and him looking at me and yelling for them to go get me. I took off running and busted through the doors. I contemplated whether taking my bike or going wolf, but they probably could outrun me so I went to my bike. Forgetting my helmet I started the bike and pushed it as far as I could go. When I was far away enough I could hear heartbreaking howl of agony.

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