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Brook's P.O.V

"Can I take this off now?" I asked tugging at the makeshift blindfold made out of one of Zoe's Shirts. "No! Now quit asking!" Zoe said obviously annoyed while she drove the car. "Why?" I asked for the thousandth time and she let out a sigh "Just shut up and ride" she said turning onto a bumpy road.

We had been in the car for what felt like forever and Zoe refused to let me take my blindfold off that she made sure to tie as tight as she could around my head. I had asked her about a million times where we were going and she still wouldn't answer me, and frankly I was just as annoyed as she was. I have been sleep deprived and unintentionally starving myself.

Sleep deprived due to the late nights of crying, and starving because I would just forget to eat.

"Zoe just tell me!" I said and she didn't say anything. I let out a sigh and sat back in the seat while crossing my arms. I couldn’t see so all I could do was listening to the car as it drove across the rocks and the sound of Zoe mumbling to herself. She did it all the time so it was nothing odd or new to me. She talked to herself when she was stressed, which only made this tip more nerve racking for me.

Then the car stopped and I reached for the blindfold "NOT YET!" Zoe shouted slapping my hands away. "Zoe this feels like it's going to crush my skull! I need to take it off!" I said then my door opened "Just wait" Zoe said but her voice was still on the other side of me. "What's going on?" I asked starting to curl into a ball "Come one" I heard Alfie say making me relax.

He grabbed my hand and helped me out of the car. We walked me across a lot of rocks and I could hear the sound a birds chirping up high. "Alfie where the hell am I?" I asked making him sigh "You'll see in just a second" he said letting go of me. "ALFIE?" I shouted scared then I felt him place his hands on my shoulders from behind "Take the blindfold off now" he said in my ear. I slowly reached for it scared and confused of what could be on the other side.

I took it off only to have everything inside me crumble. "Joe?" I asked and he nodded "Do you like it?" I asked and I looked around at the tenet and small unlit fire near it. I balled my fist up wanting to just punch him but Alfie whispered "Calm down" in my ear and I loosened up. "So now you want to talk to me?" I asked and he nodded "I'm so sorry Brook" and I let out a sigh "You're sorry?" I almost shouted. I hurriedly reached down and grabbed a rock and tossed it in his direction, he dodged it.

"Calm down Brook" I head Zoe say "I'm sorry" Joe said again only knighting a fire in me. Alfie grabbed my arms holding me back "DON'T YOU SAY THAT AGAIN" I shouted. I could feel the tears fill my eyes again "You left me and ignored me like I was NOTHING to you" I said my voice trembling. "I trusted you Joe!" I said giving in and backing into Alfie who let go of my arms and I turned around and hugged him.

"I-I know and I feel like complete shit about all of it, but at the time I felt like it was the right thing to do" I quickly turned around "Ignoring me was right?". He sighed "I knew if I saw your face there was no way I couldn’t take you back and at the time I wasn't ready to forgive you!" I shook my head "You should have forgiven me!" then we both went quite.

"At least they were talking" I heard Alfie say then a loud smack delivered to his arm by Zoe. I crossed my arms and looked at Joe. He looked just as tired as I was and it hurt seeing him like that, but I was tired and hurt too. "Joe I really want to forgive you, but you made me look so stupid" I said finally letting go.

"Joe I love you so much, I’m pretty sure I love you more than I love myself. I didn't go get treatment for myself I got it for US Joe! I've tried texting, calling, and when I went over your house a week ago I poured my heart out to you! AND YOU SHUT ME OUT! YOU DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME LEAVE YOU JUST LET ME GO! I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH IT HURT ME TO HAVE SOMEONE TELL YOU THEY LOVE YOU EVERYDAY, TO NOT EVEN SPEAKING!" I couldn't say anymore due to the tears and my dry throat.

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