🔱 Chapter 9 🔱

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"Well, well, if it isn't the young Prince." Said the rider at the front of the group. There was a crooked smile on the man's face as his horse came to a stand still in front of Adamanteus.

"Bartholomew." Adamanteus spoke low, through clenched teeth but it was loud enough for the man he called Bartholomew to hear.

"Ah, its funny meeting you here. And with such an entourage, did you get lost, Adam?"

"That's Prince Adamanteus to you Bartholomew. You may be my father's right hand man but, I'm still you're superior."

"My apologies, Prince Adamanteus." Bartholomew bowed his head slightly as if showing respect but there was no missing the sardonic smile plastered on his face.

Abidah had taken her first glance at Bartholomew and decided that she didn't like him one bit.

"What are you doing here Bartholomew?" Adam glanced at Cerul who had spoken.

"Cerul! It's good to see you old friend. How's the babysitting going?"

"I'd prefer it if you showed a little respect Bartholomew, Prince Adamanteus and Prince Sylvan are both of the royal bloodline so I think it would be wise if you refrain from using such contumelious words."

The smile that was once gracing the newcomer's face disappeared as Cerul's words struck like a knife through the air. Bartholomew looked on with distaste, the other men had remained quiet as their leader spoke.

"By orders of the King I'm here to pick up a package."

"What package?"

"A girl." There was a sharp glint in Bartholomew's eyes as he spoke. His gaze moved from the Prince's and focused on the girl that stood behind him. "Specifically, the one standing behind you."

Prince Adamanteus took a cautious step backwards, his hands clenching into fists.

"I think you're mistaken for I received no word beforehand about this from my father."

"That is none of my concern, my orders come from the King and only him."

No one made a move, Abidah could sense the tension in the air. It was so thick that you could cut it with a butter knife.

She watched as Adam's hands curled into fists and his knuckles begin to turn white. They weren't in a good situation she could tell that much, they were seriously outnumbered and Adam was getting angry.

When she began to see signs of frost coating his clenched hands she knew he was about to burst - if the way he acted the day before was anything to go by. Without thinking Abidah grabbed onto his arm and gave him a reassuring squeeze, slowly the frost began to disappear and his fingers unclenched but his hands remained cold as ice.

Adam straightened his shoulders and his gaze turned to stone. "Even if my father gave you those orders Bartholomew, I am the one escorting the girl back to Kale so we have no need for your assistance."

Bartholomew sat there, his anger stirring. He was trying hard to control it but then all of a sudden it got the best of him.

"Take the girl!" Shouted Bartholomew.

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