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Prologue : Meeting You Guys

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"Be good, Chaton."

"Yes, mom." The little boy smiled as his mom placed a little kiss on his forehead. She waved to him and walked away. What he didn't know was this would be the last time he would ever see her.

"Hello, Adrien." He turned around and met the friendly eyes of the teacher. She smiled at him and opened the door wider for him to enter.

He hastily walked in and was met by choas.

Everyone stopped and looked at him. He blushed at this much attention. "Kids, this is Adrien." The teacher introduced. Than everyone turned to what they were doing.

But a little bluenette skipped towards them. She gave a sweet smiled and extended her hand out.

"Hey, Adrien! I'm Marinette!" She chirped cheerfully. Adrien smiled in comfort and shook her hand.

Marinette gave a cute little giggle and pull her hand back. "Marinette, dear. Would show Adrien around?" The teacher asked her.

Marinette eagerly nodded and pulled Adrien with her.

"Where are we going?" Adrien said as he was dragged by the crazy bluenette.

"You're going to meet my friends!" Marinette exclaimed happily. Adrien decided to remain silent till they were there.

After minutes of being dragged, they stopped in front of an ombrè haired girl and a noirette haired boy. They were being block house.

"Nino! You're putting it in the wrong place!" The ombrè yelled at the boy.

The noirette haired boy stuck his tongue out and put the block anyways which only sent the tower falling. "You!" She scream angrily while stomping towards the boy.

"Guys!" Marinette shouted. The two turned their attention towards the bluenette and blond and also the people around them. Adrien seemed a bit uncomfortable at their stares.

"Oh, there you are, Mari!" The ombrè said happily.

Marinette giggled and motioned Adrien. Both the ombrè and noirette looked at him. Nino was the first to react to his new 'dude'.

"Awww, yeah! Finally, another boy! You it's kinda boring with this two talking about girly things!" Nino walked towards him and put an arm around his shoulder. Scrunching his nose while he talked about the two girls talk about with him.

Marinette rolled her eyes as Nino continued talking. "Nino. I think he gets it."

Nino fixed his glasses and smiled. "Anyway, I'm Nino."

Adrien nodded, "Adrien."

"And that's Ally." Nino said confidently whilst pointing to the ombrè.

The ombrè groaned and face palmed. "It's Alya!" Nino scratched his head. "Really? I'm pretty sure it's Ally." Nino said.


Nino shrugged.

Marinette laughed at her friends and turned to Adrien. "Do you want to play with us?" She gestured the blocks.

Adrien smiled and nodded.

"Great! C'mon." She pulled him to sit.

They all began building a tower. Nino tried make the tower fall but was only whacked by Alya.

"Hey guys." They all turned to Adrien. Being 5 year olds, they put on a confused face.

"Let's be friends." He suggested.

"We are friends, Silly!" Alya laughed.

"No, not that kind. Like Best Friends!" The blond beamed.

They exchanged glances. "What's that?" Marinette asked.

Adrien chuckled. "Best friends are friends that will be there for you no matter what. And they will always be friends till the end, nothing can come between them." Adrien explained.

"Yeah!" Nino said.

"Okay!" Alya exclaimed.

They all turned to Marinette waiting for her answer. She bit her lip in hesitation. "I dunno..what if I can't-" She was cut off by the three.

"Aww, c'mon, Mari!" Nino exclaimed.

"Think about it! Best friends!" Alya added.

She turned to Adrien. "Please, Mari." He begged and put on his kitty eyes.

She looked away but couldn't resist the cuteness and looked back at him.

"Oh, okay! It wouldn't hurt to be friends with you goofballs!" She giggled as they cheered and hugged her.

"Friends forever?" Marinette said.

"FOREVER AND ALWAYS!" The three exclaimed.

"Oh, okay." The bluenette laughed
New book. How exciting.😂😂

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