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 Mika still throws up before performances, if you were wondering. It got worst today, all because the ringleader forced him to put on his actual act.

 Which was way cooler than I thought it was going to be. The reasoning behind his nausea was confusing to me.

"Now, that's all the time I've got tonight for y'all, but make sure to come back tomorrow for more!" Colette waved, although the lights flickered. People gasped in the crowd. I saw Lola look at me with a concerned gaze from left stage. I shook my head, giving a small smile. Colette walked across the stage, asking people if they knew what was going on. People shook their heads, some people visually afraid. I knew why, although it had no affect upon me. Mika's power was to induce fear in others, If I was remembering correctly from when I had first witnessed him perform, albeit he pushed off a majority of it. That is why he didn't want to do it around me. Mika was sitting in the crowd with a suit, someone gasping and falling over in their seat.  

 Someone behind him fainted, too. His knuckles were pressed to his cheek, stern gaze glancing out to everyone. "None of you can take a little scare. Suppose that's to be expected." He sighed, now next to Colette. "You can take it, right?" He asked, placing her mirror in front of her before an answer was given. "Probably not. Have fun, copycat." He dismissed her, sliding the mirror back. Both her and the wide mirror vanished. Even from the side stage there was no way of seeing how they logically got out. But, I glanced over to my shoulder and saw Colette putting her mirror in a corner, talking briefly to Ferid. Now that I was looking at Mika in the dark setting, I could see why he was afraid of me being scared of him. His eyes actually did glow in the dark like two god damn glowsticks, fangs sticking out amongst his teeth. He was similar to a devil. He glanced to me briefly, and I gave a thumbs up. His lips twitched at the ends, all I would be getting out of him in the department of smiles. 

 He went on to scare a few people shitless, one actually wetting themselves. A baby cried, too. It ended with Mika vanishing as fast as he appeared, lights flickering back on.

"Mika, that was awesome." I said, unable to hide my awe. He sighed in relief, hopping onto a table. The ringleader never spoke to him. Only once to Colette, then he left. "I don't think so. I made a child cry. A god damn child, Yuu." He muttered.

 "You wanna hug?" I asked, opening my arms slightly. "Kinda..." He said quietly. He wrapped his arms around me tightly, although I couldn't breathe for the first five seconds.

  "I'm going to fucking sock the ringleader in the face on day." I whispered to him. "That is a horrible idea." He said, voice barely above a whisper. I felt him cringe against me.

 "I'm a factory of bad ideas. What's one more to the bunch." I shrugged slightly. While I was still hugging this emotional train wreck, I decided to try and help him trust me. "You can tell me anything, you know that?" He nodded quickly, hair tickling my cheek.  

"We all have secrets." He muttered into my shoulder, before pulling away. We turned to see Ferid giving two thumbs up across the room with a smirk. I told him to go fuck himself while Mika threw a chair at him. Friendship at it's finest. Although the more I talked to Mika, I noticed him glancing to my neck and occasionally drooling. Both concerning and entertaining, I must say.

"I like that plan. Colette, can you tell the ringleader about it?" Mika asked. I had told him of the act I had formed, although left out details involving my powers. The ones that I was still puzzled by.

"Do I have to?" She groaned from the top bunk. 

 "Yes." He nodded.

 "Then get over here, Yuu." Ferid ordered from his single bed.

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