Chapter 2 Baby Shopping

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Nicki:Good morning bae

Drake: Good morning sexy

Nicki:Whats for breakfast??

Drake: Sex, You know I want that for breakfast bae!

Nicki: What??

Drake: I just, sex

Nicki:Well come over here then!!!

Nicki:(kisses Drake and put her legs around his waist)

Drake:mhmmm yep I knew you gone say yes though.

( Drake and Nicki had Sex, Sticking in his umm you know)


Nicki: Drake I'm going to go baby Shopping with Shanell and Her mom and my mom, okay bae

Drake: Okay sexy bae


(Nicki went shopping for baby clothes and crib and decorations)

Nicki: Drake im home!!!

Drake:Okay what you bought

Nicki: I bought boy clothes and some girls clothes just to be sure if im having a boy or a girl.

Drake: oh okay

Nicki: I wanna see what gender im having tomorrow.

Drake: No!!!!!!! (yells)

Nicki: Why and why are you yelling???!!??

Drake: I want it to be a suprise!

Nicki: But don't be yelling at me motherfucker.

Drake: Why the fuck you yelling at me though!

(argue for 3 hours)

Drake: Nicki im sorry baby

Nicki: I know im sorry too

(Drake throws Nicki on the bed, take off her clothes then took off his clothes and start having sex)

Nicki: (Moans)

Drake: yea I got you making noise!!!