CHAPTER 45 Thanksgiving

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"I want to stop here a while...and rest my soul."


It was a quiet Thanksgiving, which was normal for us. We hadn't celebrated Turkey Day or holidays with family for years. We didn't live near family or in some cases weren't invited over to participate in family celebrations. We had become used to celebrating amongst ourselves.

It also didn't help that both Parents grew up around restaurant food. They were very particular about their holiday meals, especially Thanksgiving. Mom loved leftovers. She'd make turkey curry, turkey enchiladas, turkey chili verde, and turkey sandwiches.

There was something about having Thanksgiving dinner and then having a late night snack of a turkey sandwich with some stuffing. Mom made the best stuffing. Hands down. It was so good I'd scoop it up from the frying pan and put it into a little bowl to eat. Sometimes I'd eat right off a spoon. But I never double dipped!

Normally it would be all three of us in the kitchen. I handled desserts and Dad was in the charge of the turkey. Mom made the stuffing and green peas with pearl onions. But this year it would be just Dad and I in the kitchen. Mom would be supervising from the bed.

Maybe we could tempt her with food?

I'd been steering our diet the past few months towards the food talked about in the book "Super Immunity". It had been a war of sorts with Dad to get off bread too, which he wasn't happy about. I didn't blame him but bread was out.

So this year, given the amount of produce we had now stocked weekly in our fridges, I thought an all vegetable stuffing was in order. Fuck the bread.

"You pull out what you want in it and I'll make it," Dad said.

I grabbed daikon radish, fresh chestnuts, rainbow chard, carrots, onions and celery. Dad started cutting everything up in heating up a frying pan. Then he added the veges onto the hot pan and added the spices. Between the smells of the turkey cooking and the spices mixed fresh stuffing, I was hungry.

Mom was snoozing off and on during the day, watching us scurry around trying to get everything ready. Thanksgiving with one less helper was a lot more work. But Dad and I wanted to have a nice big meal despite that we were both still sick.

So, being sick, taking care of Mom, doing our normally daily routine, and making Thanksgiving was a little too much. I knew we were pushing the envelope for our own well-being but we did it anyway. After all Thanksgiving only came around once a year. We didn't know how many more we had together.

It was stormy and dark by the time we ate dinner. The wood fire was roaring to keep the house warm. We lived in a shanty shack for sure, but it was warm and somewhat clean.

We sat together in the living room/their bedroom with the plates of celebratory food in our lap and watched the movie It's A Wonderful Life. And Mom was eating. So I guess Dad and I slaving over the meal all day was worth it.

My eye infection shot up a thousand times worse that night. I couldn't sleep. I spent the night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. But there was no peace to be found these days.

We were all tired from the ordeal of the road we were on. But we were together and alive. It's all that mattered.


Juice Day 68

4 collard green leaves

6 napa cabbage leaves

1/2 cup dandelion greens

1 pomegranate

1 tablespoon ginger root

6 carrots

2 apples

2 red leaf lettuce leaves

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