iv. napkin art

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"What are you doing?" Harry questioned Indie and the brunette's eyes moved away from the napkin and up at his face. She moved the fine tipped marker away from the square napkin and turned away from him for a second to offer a clean fresh one to the customer, calling over to her.

"What? This?" She pointed down to the design doodle on the white sheet.

"What else?" He laughed. "What are you doing?"

She turned from him and tucked the marker into her front pocket, grabbing the napkin from the table and held it up for him to see. On it, was a worm's eye view of the Eiffel tower. Harry reached forward, grabbing it from her fingers by the side of the white napkin.

"This is good," he hummed as his eyes wandered over the simple, yet detailed drawing. He brought it closer to his eyes to get a better view, wondering what color would fit between the lines. The first color coming to mind being an olive green and a twisted color of powder blue.

"Thanks," she smiled softly and reached for it to take it back into her collection but Harry pulled it closer to his chest, holding onto it tightly. "Hey, give that back," she frowned and reached for it again.

"Can I hold onto it?" He asked.

"You want to keep my crappy napkin drawing?" She questioned, raising her eyebrow up at him. "Really?"

"Why is that so hard to believe?" He laughed. "It's good. I want an original."

"I can do something better than that for you, on a real canvas," she argued, shaking her head in argument. "I'll do something better," she reached for it again.

"Are you a perfectionist, Indie?" He asked.

"No," she frowned. "I just like giving clients proper quality."

"I'm your client now?" He quizzed her.

"Well, I mean, kind of," she mumbled. "Maybe not?"

"I'll be your client," he nodded in agreeance. "But I want something else in that case."

Indie looked at him for a second, knowing very well he was referring to something else than her talents with a pencil and pen. She could feel his glaze moving up and down her body, her stomach twisting as her eyes fell to the counter table and her lips fell together.

"Indie," Niall's voice filled her ears causing her head to shoot up and her body to spin in his direction.

"What?" She yelped.

"As much as I enjoy seeing you make a complete and utter idiot of yourself, we do have paying customers waiting to be served and as my bartender, that's kind of your job," he ordered her around as he came out of the backroom to find a few set of people, all waiting for their drinks to be made or refilled.

"Right," she nodded and her eyes went back to Harry for a small second, her lips curling up a little as she headed over to the waiting customer. She quickly made up his drink and set it in front of him before moving onto the next person. She was grabbing the lime wedge, ready to slide it on the rim when her attention was stolen again.

"Indie," Harry caught her name on his lips. She turned her head to him, acknowledging him as he stepped back from the bar, he held up the green bills and set it on the counter.

"Sorry," Indie smiled to the women waiting for her drink, quickly setting it down in front of her before chasing over to the table. She grabbed a hold of the money Harry had left. "Harry, wait," she held it up. "You don't need to pay for your drink. It's on me."

"Keep it," Harry smirked and then she saw it, the napkin dangling from his fingertips. "I am a client after all," he smiled and Indie chewed her bottom lip, her lips turning a bright shade of pink as she took the money and tucked it in her front pocket as she moved onto the next person, trying her best to ignore the feeling in the pit of her stomach.

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