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Kelsey’s POV:

          My eyes widened as soon as those words escaped Gemma’s mouth, jaw slacking. I could feel my heart rapidly punching my ribcage, a surge of terror, nerves and excitement running through me. Gemma stood, smiling as I let out a small gasp, not exactly sure how I should react.

          “I – I’m pregnant?” I ask her wide eyed; double checking just to make sure I heard her right.

          Gemma nods, her smile growing. “Yes. The tests come back positive, Kels, all of them. You’re pregnant.” She then holds up two blue and white pregnancy tests. “And according to these two, you’re a week and a half along.”

          My hand covers my mouth, tears of either joy or fright – maybe both –burning in my eyes. “Oh, my God,” I speak, my voice muffled against hand.

          Gemma lets out a squeal before running over and attacking me in a hug. “This is so exciting!” she grins, “I need to get Mum.”

          She excitedly runs out of the room, her footsteps thumping down the stairs. “Mum! Mum!”

          As she got Anne, I stood in the room in shock, my right hand on top of my stomach. There was something inside of me; there’s something alive and growing inside of me. That thought itself was the most exciting and terrifying thing ever.

          Suddenly, Gemma runs in with Anne right behind her. “What’s going on?” she asks, chuckling slightly in confusion.

          I bit my bottom lip, smiling slightly. “You’re getting your grandbaby after all, Anne,” I tell her.

          Anne’s eyes widen, a gasp escaping her lips. Genuine surprise was etched across her face as she covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes travelling down to my stomach. “Oh, my goodness,” she says, walking over to me as Gemma grinned. “Come here,” Anne adds before pulling me into a tight hug.

          I laughed through my tears, hugging Anne back. “How do you think Harry will react?” I ask once we pull away.

          Anne gave me a smile. “He’ll be shocked, I’m sure. But I’m also sure that he’ll be more than excited. Harry loves kids.”

          I nod, biting my bottom lip. “Okay,” I say, taking her word for it.

          “Do you know how far along you are?” Anne asks, raising an eyebrow.

          “A week and a half,” Gemma says, smiling widely as her dimples deepened.

          Anne nods and looks back at me. “You should go to the doctor for your first ultrasound when you’re about nine weeks – unless you have bad cramps, so then you go sooner.”

          I shake my head, my bottom lip jutting out. “No, I’m fine,” I tell her.

          Anne nods once again and smiles. “This is so exciting,” she cheers, clapping her hands.

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