Blood Thirsty

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The hunger strikes me within, it is something that I cannot control, and do not understand.

An energy runs through my body and gives me abnormal abilities I can't even explain.

I am human to an outsider but I know what I am. I belong in the ground, in the deepest part of hell. Because of what I am, is something no mortal can love. The life I once had is something I can never go back to and forever a dream. I am alone in this world and the only person I can trust, but refuse to even talk to is my maker, Blake Owens.

"I am blood thirsty but don't want to kill, were can I go "I thought.

While thinking of my past i noticed that i really didnt have one, and it made me wonder...

"Come with me" Blake replied as he swiftly walked past me.

"What? ...How did you know what I was thinking?!" I said.

With a deep sigh, he grumbled "I'm telepathic, and so are you."

The rain started to pick up as the wind whipped at my face, though it didn't seem to bother me.

My mind was deep in confusion, wondering why he could do things that I couldn't.

I started to question what I am, and if I was still considered human. I wondered if I too would someday be able to do what he does. With my head tilted sideways I began to go deep into thought.

Blake answered "Stop! Ok ...just stop your thoughts are giving me a migraine!"

I hadn't realized we were already at are destination because what seemed like 10 minuets was really only 3 or 4. Again I started to wonder ..why we were in such a hurry? My thoughts were put on hold as we approached our destination.

We slowed to a stop outside a bar called Kellys; I was right behind him giving him ignorant looks while he spoke.

He suddenly turned around and caught me mocking him; he gave a brief smile and said "follow me."

Just as we were about to enter, Blake extended is hand and said "Shall we?"

As I took his hand, he pulled me forward into the dim lighted room.

Nearly every seat in the house was filled.

I drew my first breath and every sense was heightened.

I heard every heart beat and sound in the room. I could even hear some guy taking out the trash in the back. My hands began to shake as I felt every sense sharpen and the thirst begin to take over.

"Wait here" Blake said as we stopped outside of a black door.

"Fine" I replied in my head, while I gave him an irritated look.

As he started for the silver knob, he glanced back swiftly thinking "Oh yeah, and don't do anything stupid. I'll be back before you know it, if you can control your senses and not think about your thirst. Mind over matter."

"...mind over matter" I thought. Humph.

I walked slowly to a blue leather seat next to the bar.

A young woman in her 20's or 30's looked over and asked "what can I get for you?"

Irritated I looked at her throat and thought of all that blood in her veins just pumping away.

As I didn't answer she turned and walked away from me, though I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of her neck. Every beat in this room that I had originally heard was gone, and all I wanted was hers. My hands began to shake and my mouth began to water as the demon inside me began to rumble.

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