Ch. 18 Found and Saved

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Atsuko walked out of the Sohma Estate. She couldn't help but feel like she was being watched. She glanced seeing a young man wearing a traditional kimono leaning on the window staring right at her. 

' Who is that

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' Who is that....' She thought. 

Atsuko quickly looked away and walked down the streets watching the estate becoming smaller and smaller disappering out of her sight. 

She held her bag closely heading to her destination which is her home wanting to see the others. She tried her best not to pressure her right foot and that's why she is walking slower than usual. She walked into a train station and entered a train which the next stop will take her close to her home. 

Atsuko sat down hugging her bag close to her as people started to fill in. She distracted herself by thinking if she's the daughter of Hatori. 

' If I'm the daughter of Hatori and Kana.....what happened that made Kana lose her memories and leaving me in an orphanage' She thought. ' I can't blame Hatori because he seemed clueless of the fact that he has a child' She hummed. 

The train stopped and Atsuko stood up walking out of the train unaware that she's being followed by three men who has been eyeing her. These men have bad intentions and their only thoughts are of Atsuko and having fun with her. 

Atsuko couldn't help but felt like something is telling her to walk faster and not look back. Her heart started to beat quicker holding her bag close to her chest walking faster ignoring the pain that is shooting from her right leg to her whole body.

Meanwhile, Hatori went to his car and started to drive heading towards his best friend's house. He looked around making sure if he can find Atsuko because she wouldn't of gone that far due to having an injure foot.

' Atsuko.....where are you?' He thought.

Hatori continued driving when he caught something in the corner of his eye. His eye widened spotting Atsuko who was power walking but held an expression of pain and fear. He looked down seeing three men walking faster towards her. He decided to parked his car, turning it off, and ran out once he closed the door chasing after them. 

" Hey baby girl, why don't you come with us~" 

Atsuko ignored them walking faster hearing the hint of lust behind those words. She looked straight feeling her heart beat faster.

" This one is a little shy bunny~"

" Don't be scared, we won't hurt you"

" We only want to play" 

Atsuko started to run but one of the guys got close to her grabbing her right arm. She gasped eyes narrowing and turned slapping the man's face but he grabbed her other arm. 

" Let go of me...."

" Don't be fiesty, you are kind of cute" 

The other two surround them as Atsuko shook in anger pulling her arm back glaring at them. The three men smirked when they stopped hearing someone shouting. Atsuko looked surprised to see Hatori running towards them. 


Atsuko's eyes widened tearing up feeling happy when Hatori called her ' his daughter'. A smiled graced her lips as she frowned scared that he's going to get hurt against the three men.

" Your daughter?" 

" We didn't know sir" 

" We thought she was alone. We wanted to help her get home" 

Atsuko glared at the three men who were bad at lying. Hatori gave them a similar glare knowing that he didn't witness them helping Atsuko take her home. 

" Is that so.....then why were you pulling her arm roughly" He growled lowly. 

Hatori pushed them away walking towards Atsuko. Atsuko's eyes widened when Hatori picks her up like a princess glaring at the three men. 

" If I see you guys again.....I know people....and I won't hesitate to ask for their help to take you men into custody" He embraced Atsuko close to him. 

Atsuko blushed lightly staying quiet wrapping her arms around Hatori's neck hiding her head on his shoulder. 

" I'm sorry...." They whispered in unison. 

Atsuko blinked glancing at Hatori who was looking forward walking back to his car holding her close to his chest. She stayed quiet closing her eyes and for once feeling relaxed to be in her father's arms. She didn't care if Hatori is or isn't her father because she knew he cares for her as well. She smiled slowly falling asleep.

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