Their Song

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Ok so this is my first Booth/Brennan fanfic and I hope you guys like it. I decided to write this after the newest episode, Season 9 Episode 6, The Woman in White. (no spoilers, I don't think and sorry if I did). 

Brennan walked into Booth's office and closed the door behind her. She found Booth sitting there looking at their wedding invitation. Brennan cleared her throat even though she knew that Booth knew she was there.

He looked up, "Hey Bones."

She smiled at him, "Hey Booth."

Booth suddenly blurted, "You remember our song?"

Brennan scoffed, "Of course I do. You made me a mixed tape remember?"

Booth smiled, "You still have that?"

Brennan nodded, "Of course!"

She pulled out her phone and opened up her music.

She pressed the play button and the familiar sound of "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner started playing. Booth smiled widely and starting dancing around his office. Brennan laughed and started dancing too. Booth started to play air guitar as they laughed together. Caroline heard a noise and peeked into Booth's office and saw Booth and Brennan dancing. She smiled to herself and continued walked. Those two were really one of a kind.


Brennan joined in, "I'VE GOT A FEVER OF A HUNDRED AND THREE!" "COME ON BABY CAN YOU DO MORE THAN DANCE? I'M HOT BLOODED, I'M HOT BLOODED!" Booth and Brennan belted out. Some other FBI agents started staring, but they could care less. They were having the time of their life. Tomorrow was their big day and they were just relaxing. That's what Angela told Brennan to do wasn't it? Well they were relaxing and having fun. Dancing around Booth's office to their song while people stared at them like psychotic murderers that they caught. Yep, it was just two soul mates and partners rocking out to their song. 

So hope you liked it! Sorry if it's kinda crappy! First B&B fanfic! By the way the song's on the side. ----------------------------->

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