Chapter One» Naina Khan

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" The sea looked calm. Like the winds of heavens where casted down upon earth, bringing peace and happiness. The sounds of waves crashing against the shores echoed loudly like a lullaby as the cries of sea gulls echoed throughout the deserted beach.
Each corner resided with silence yet an eternal prosperity and happiness was casted down. The turquoise and blue water created a magical colour against the golden sand as the warm summer breeze floated by. Never was their a breeze like the one now, as if it was a mixture of happiness, love and warmth spreading throughout, reassuring one and all.

Everywhere you looked, each corner smiled with happiness whilst the sun bestowed it's glorious light. Never was there such beauty and freedom on earth as it was that day; for today a beautiful princess, beloved by all was to be wed with her knight in shinning armour."

Spoke the soft voice, like a sweet lullaby to the ears making my large hazel eyes shoot open. The mixture of hazel and emerald remaining spellbinding, against the bright light.

Thick black lashes swept ashore on the smooth milky skin, furiously trying to comprehend the words spoken. The smile filling my features, now long gone.

Disappointment washing over me. My once laying figure on the horrific leather chair now sat up straight. Not moving my gaze. A strong stench of chemicals whiffed through my nose making bile rise up, at the back of my throat. I could feel a few eyes land on on me making me hide the annoyed look on my face. Inwardly counting backwards.

If it wasn't for the frequent snacks, I could have swore an oath that death was waiting outside, for another minute with Hana and Co, would ruin me eternally.

I could sense the curiousity of the people around me, as I stood up stubbornly but in my case; there was no greater punishment than to sit on the same old leather chair, for three hours straight whilst you have four people work on your hair, your nails, your makeup and wait why was Hana reading me a story?

I thought curiously as the women behind me gasped slightly, one of the them clinging on to my long auburn hair, midway of straightening it.

The loud sounds that were means of relaxation now seemed like torture to my ears, as I pulled my hand stubbornly from the tight grip, staring ahead at the tall woman in front of me.

" Hana I'm so tired of listening to your Three hours of oriental relaxing music and.. please stop spraying that on my face" I gasped out, now glaring at the beautiful Asian woman holding hair spray in her hand; the brown of her eyes widening at my sudden outburst.

I knew, it sounded crazy; especially with my outburst but I couldn't bring myself to sit there for another minute whilst; Hana decided to become a wise old woman and announce stories of fair and peaceful times on a beach.

" I'm so tired. I don't want to listen to beach stories about happiness, princesses and annoying knight in shinning armour" I breathed out defeated, now staring at my cousin who looked as though no greater crime on human kind could be, committed than the one I did now.

" Naina Abdullah Khan What are you saying? It is your wedding tomorrow". Hana gasped out in horror, her long elegant fingers reaching towards her Rosy red lips, not believing the words being said.

I could see Hana move from her sitting position on the vanity table; her shock still, plastered on her face whilst she walked towards me, the maroon long dress trailing behind her softly. Her ruby red earnings moved slightly against her movements as the see through scarf she had on her neck, came trailing down slightly.

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