Chapter 4.

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It had been a week since all of us went to eat breakfast and Niall continued being flirty with me whilst we were alone. It almost felt like we were a couple but he never said anything.

Right now I’m at the studio, watching the boys rehearse for a show they have on Sunday evening. It’s Saturday and I have no idea why I let them drag me here…okay, because Niall asked me to come along but you understand my reasoning.

Watching Zayn dance was one of the funniest things I had ever witnessed in my life. It seemed he had two left feet. I recorded him falling and Louis trying to catch him and uploaded it to twitter.

#VasHappeninZayndancing was already trending on twitter! Niall had taught me earlier in the week how to properly use twitter. There were twitions for me to get verified even though I’m not a celebrity! I have about half a million followers.

Most of the rumours on twitter are hilarious about the boys. I think I read somewhere that Harry and I were actually dating (that’s disgusting) and he was using the cousin thing as a cover-up for me to live with him. How morally incorrect are these people?

“Annie come dance with me!” Louis whined as he grabbed my hand and tried pulling me from the couch.

I felt sluggish, “Erm, I don’t really dance…”

He carried me to the centre of the floor and Niall started playing the guitar slowly.

Louis started waltzing with me and tried to lead me but it wasn’t working out well.

“No Annie!” He sighed, “You’re almost as bad as Zayn!”

Liam defended him “Hey! He’s a work in progress. I’m trying to teach him!”

Niall, Harry, and Zayn laughed as I slipped out of Louis arms when he dipped me. I fell onto the hardwood floor. I muttered curses to Louis as I got up and went back to my comfy couch.

“Wait, did you get the part where I dropped her?” Louis asked quietly to Zayn.

Zayn nodded, showing him his iPhone.

Both boys laughed as they watched the video of my falling.

My phone vibrated, Zayn posted the video on twitter with the tag #VasHappeninAnnieDancing worse than me (:

I played the video on my phone and tackled Louis.

He easily threw me off of him and the band decided they had practiced enough so we went home.

The boys were on my case about dancing terribly the rest of the day.

It was Sunday evening and I was dressed to impress for my first One Direction concert. I had on a dark wash pair of jeggings that looked great on my long legs; accompanied by a flowy rose coloured halter top with a large gold sequence bow stitched into the centre. I wore my gold; strappy heels Niall bought me last Saturday to top off the outfit. I looked in the mirror and applied some mascara and gold eyeshadow. My hair was straight and I felt really good about tonight.

I made my way downstairs as it was time to leave soon.

Zayn greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, “Hello beautiful, remind me to get a picture with you later.” He was such a flirt.

 I rolled my eyes and looked at all of the boys and whistled at them, “Don’t you boys look smart tonight?”

Louis smirked, “Don’t you mean, Niall looks smart?”

I smiled at him, “Yes, Niall looks wonderful.”

Niall stuck his tongue out at Louis, “Of course I look wonderful. I’m irish!”