Love can be amazingly complicated, It's an internal battle with your own heart which is determined for you to lose against it, But is it so bad to love with all your heart, And allow yourself to fall so deep you feel you can't live without them, Even if it brings you enormous pain in the end? Is it so bad?...

Kim Jongin has no time while striving for stardom, His talent confidence and passion shines on any stage he's on, He's practicing around clock, Has a clear mentally, Good people around him and works diligently to make his dreams come true.

Jongin regularly enters competitions and showcases in preparation for his audition to his dream dance school academy. But when Jung Soojung comes into the picture there's a hitch in his plans.

Both being stubborn to death they clash horribly and practically become enemies driving each other insane, while also secretly driving the other's hormones the roof.

Turmoil arises in Jongin's life derailing his long time plans and making things very complicated.
Can he withstand it all or will the hardships destroy his dreams and life in general?

'It's almost like a curse.. it's better to never love at all...'


Main Roles

Kim Jongin 17' Yixing Naeun & Sehun's bestfriend.

Zhang Yixing 18' Jongin's Best friend.

Jung Soojung 17' Jongin's sworn enemy.

Oh Sehun 17' Jongin's closest friend, Easily falls for people.

Son Naeun 17' Jongin's childhood friend, Crushes Someone.

DO Kyungsoo 17' Newly friends with Naeun, Quiet an to himself.

Minor Roles

(Kim) Yuri 21' Jongin's Oldest sister.

(Kim) Sooyoung 20' Jongin's Older sister.  

Kim Joon Myun 19' Yixing's friend.

(Park) Yoona 20' Someone's secret crush an older sister.

(Oh) Soonkyu 22' Sehun's older sister.


Date Started:  Oct 22, 2013 

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