Chapter 2: The Trip

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Robyn's POV

Friday|April,8th,2016|Los Angeles, CA

8:00 AM: I woke up pretty early, I took a shower before I texted Melissa.

Me: Good morning my gorgeous Mel...😍 Get up, get dressed and come right over... I made you some breakfast also. I love you 😊💜😘

Mel Bear 🐻💕😘👭: Good morning beautiful Robyn...😍 I'll be over in about an hour and 1/2... I love you more 😘

I had a big day planned for me and Melissa, her birthday was coming up and I took a few days off just to spend time with her. Melissa was my best friend and has been there for everything I do in my career.

I had a big checklist of things we were going to do until her birthday, but todays checklist included:

▪Go to the gym (I have a gym in my house)

Get freshen up and take a trip up to Santa Monica

Go to my favorite Italian restaurant (which Mel loves) for lunch Giorgio Baldi

Drive to Beverly hills and hit up Rodeo Drive for some shopping

Go to Exquisite Exclusive Hand Spa to get our nails done

After going over my list, a knock came at the door. I asked "who is it?" Then in a sarcastic voice I heard "its Karrueche," I rolled my eyes and chuckled a bit because no one else would say that but Melissa.

She knew I didn't like Karrueche Tran because she was my ex Chris, ex-girlfriend so she teased me from time to time about her as a joke. In fact, we both didn't like her... Melissa blasted her on Twitter for coming at me.

Mel doesn't like people who mess with me, she always been that way. I love that she is so protective over me, I find it so cute and she was like my security blanket because she always made me feel safe when I'm with her.

"Very funny Mel," I said sarcastically as I opened the door. She said as she entered my house, "Well you know I had to make you laugh at least one time this beautiful morning as a payment for making me breakfast." I smiled, "Well you're payment has been accepted and you're very welcome my love."

She started blushing after I said that, at the same time a little confused. She finally spoke after 2 minutes of staring at me and said "S-shall we go to the kitchen?" Her eyes were so beautiful but I giggled and said "We shall..."

As we entered the kitchen, Melissa stopped in the entrance way as her eyes widen of amazement. "You made all this for me?" She said as she glanced at the grits, eggs, sausage, turkey bacon, ham, French toast, waffles, pancakes, hash browns, fruits, freshly squeezed Orange juice and coffee that was all layed out across my Kitchen table.

"Of course I did, eat as much as you like gyal and let me know if you want more of anything." She came and hugged me with a firm grip, I love her hugs and kissed my cheek then thanked me. "No problem, think of it as my token of appreciation for all you do for me." She smiled and we made our way to the table. After breakfast we were both full and decided to watch morning cartoons until our stomach's settled down.

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