Vampire Princess Chapter 1-Surprise Visit

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Vampire Princess: Royal Blood

Chapter 1-Surprise Visit

"Arabella?" A soft high pitched voice whispered. "Arabella?" It repeated. This voice sounded faintly familiar, but I was too tired to concentrate on finding out who it was. I moaned and turned onto my side, pulling my bed sheets up higher.The voice kept repeating my name, and my head became less clouded.

Suddenly I recognized the voice. My eyes snapped open, and in a flash I was out of bed and staring at my sister. "Jade!" I cried, leaping forward and wrapping my arms around my elder sister. She had been gone for months, away, traveling the world. It had been her dream for years and years, and then finally, she went.

Even though I knew I would miss her, I let her go. I knew that she wanted to more then anything, so I let my dearest sister go out on her own. Her leaving the castle was the hardest thing that I ever went through. Jade chuckled quietly, wrapping herarmsaround me in return. "I'm back, my dear." She said.

I pulled away to look at her. She looked no different, but of course, even if she had been gone for years, she'd look the same. We don't age. Because, of course, we are Vampires. Jade had the same striking Jade eyes and Carmel colored hair that fell in silky bellows to her waste as she did when she left. Her figure was still slender. She was just a bit taller then I, which was fine.

"Oh my, I missed you so much." I sighed, taking both her hands in mine. She smiled, showing the tip of her fangs. "I missed you too, Arabella." I gave her the same smile back. "Have you gotten to see Ava, Alexander, Sophie, and father yet?" I asked curiously, sitting down on the edge of my large golden bed. She sat herself down too.

"I have yet to see our siblings, but I have seen father." Jade's smile faltered a bit, and it disappeared a few seconds later. "Actually, he wanted me to escort you downstairs for a meeting. He told me to tell you, that you should get cleaned up, and come down in something fairly elegant." She mimicked.

I was confused, but I didn't ask questions. If Jade knew something, she would tell me. Well, if it was really important. I know she would tell me, because I knew myself that I was her favorite sibling. I'm not very sure how we ended up becoming so close, but however it happened, I became her favorite.

She stood up and took my hand in hers, lifting me up to my feet again. I didn't want to leave her, but I didn't want to disappoint father. Jade pecked me on the cheek and I walked to the door that led to my closet, opening it, and then closing it behind me. I walked through the huge closet until I found another door that led to a medium sized bathroom. I walked in and closed the door behind me, making sure to lock it.

After I did so, I took a towel off a stack of them that was on a side table beside the sink. It was big and white, and definitely soft. I walked over and placed the towel beside thelarge tuband stripped off my night gown, dipping my pale hand into the hot water that had already been there when I'd stepped inside.

There was really no point in getting a bath daily. We stayed clean and fresh unless of course we got dirty. So I only washed my body quickly with soap for the scent and for the fresh feel. Getting out slowly, the warmth feeling nice, I dried myself with the towl and sighed as I slipped on already prepared underwear on the same side table the towl's stayed on.

Brushing through my dark locks of brown hair that fell to my shoulders in a wispy style, I picked up the towl and squeezed the remaining water from it and headed out into the giant closet. I headed straight for my gowns and took down the first one she laid eyes on; a dark purple silk dress that fit me like a glove. Tiny beads were sewn across the top of it, but the bottom was bare except for the slit going up to my knee.

I returned to the bathroom and dressed silently, the brush of the silk against my skin hardly audiable.Opening thecupboard, I took out the medium sized black jewelry box and set in on the edge of the sink. I flipped it open and hurriedly slipped on the silky gloves to match the dress.

There wasn't much I really wanted to do with my hair dark brown hair, so I brushed through it and pinned one side up while the other elegantly framed my face. It took moments to put on some simple black eyeliner, but I stayed just a little while longer to brush my hand over my heart-shaped face and small lips.

Smiling to myself, I stepped out of the bathroom and picked up a simple pair of black heels and jumped into them. I opened the door and Jade was waiting, still as a statue. She wasn't smiling, no, she looked almost smug. Confused, i stepped out and she smiled instantly.

"Come now, we don't want to be late," She said, reaching out her hand to me.

I slowly nodded and smiled lightly again, hooking my arm through her's as we walked through the door and descended the staircase like we'd done so many times before she had left. It surprised me how happy I was, the feeling bubbling inside me excitedly.

"We have guests?" I asked, having already guessed that.

She looked down and nodded.

I wondered who, but didn't bother asking her. We reached the door to the dining hall and she gave me a slight push inside as the doors opened by two butlers at hand. They both bowed their heads as I entered, Jade behind me.

Glancing around, I ackowledged Ava, Sophie, and Alexander who were all sat in the chairs, then smiled at my father who sat in the largest chair at the head of the table. Sure enough, there was guests. A white-haired couple were sitting together, their gaze on the king and the king alone. The man reminded me slightly of my own father, who was white-haired as well.

But they weren't the only guests. One younger man with dark brown hair, matching my own, sat beside the woman, his green eyes on Ava as they talked. Soon enough, I noticed that young man to be the boy I'd known since childhood. Unfortunately, he had moved away with his parents when I was only the age of a eighty-nine.

Ateighty-nine we appear to look like a child of maybe twelve. Vampires age very slowly. We stay an infant for afew years, then bloom into a toddler at the age of six. We stay a toddler for about ten years, then we grow to a child and stay there for about a hundred years. After a hundred years of the look of a child, we bloom into a teenager for three hundred years. Finally, we become an adult at three hundred and die at around 2,000 years.

Even though years have passed since our last meeting, we have talked through letters every week. "Leo!" I cried, his head immediately turned in my direction.

Leo's P.O.V

I couldn't help but be excited to finally see the woman I'd been talking to through the mail for so many years. It had been so long since I had seen her in person, for my parents refused to let me visit. That was depressing considering I had the worst crush on her as a tike.

Ava and I spoke and I couldn't help but notice how much she'd grown from the last time I had seen her. She was the youngestchild in thefamily, but shelookedlike an adult. Too much like an adult. It was scary howattractive she was. As she spoke, I made sure topay attention, answering her or throwing in a few words at times.

I heard another voice speak my name and myhead automatically went in that direction. Thereshe was. I stoodquickly as she ran over and hugged my around the middle;Arabella, one of the womenfrom that family I'd been speaking tothroughletters anyway.

Arabella's P.O.V

The question of why Leo and his parents were there came into play with my mind as he sat and I took a seat by Ava. She looked at me and giggled and I smiled, my look slightly questioning. Turning back to look at Leo who was staring at me, I realized how much i'd missed him. Being in love with him since such a young age, it was hard not to stare myself.

My smile turned shy before I looked up at my father.

My father coughed and straightened his back. "I have brought you all here today, because I have a very, very important announcement."


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