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Nursery Rhymes

“Thank you,” I said to the young man that handed me my hot chocolate, I never drank coffee even in my favorite coffee shop. Winding my way though the sea of table that mingled together I juggled my large cup of hot chocolate and my pumpkin spice muffin, I sat at my usual table and looked out my usual window watching people walk up and down the street.

Two faces emerged that I studied closely, the first that drew my eye was male. The man had long sandy blond hair in the typical scatter style, he bore warm chocolate brown eyes, slightly sun tanned skin, and large gages in his ears, he had dressed himself with a red and brown flannel that was open at the top, grey skinny jeans that sagged low, and a pair of black vans. The woman had flawless African American skin that glowed with her rare bright blue eyes and opposed her bleach blonde hair that was styled in a sharp A cut, she wore a pair of skinny jeans that had bleach spot all over them, a black and white striped tank top under a faded leather jacket with no sleeves, a pair of healed suede boots, and a small Jansport backpack that had Indian prints all over it. I watched her earrings dangle as they approached the coffee shop and the girl threw open the door to enter the busy shop, her eyes searched through the people then she met my eyes and she smiled waving excitedly. I smiled back as she scrambled to push her way through the crowd barking something to the man who dropped his skateboard by the door next to the umbrella bucket, the girl finally met me and I stood to hug her hearing her say my name as she did so,” Hey Eva.”

“Hi Vicky,” I responded knowing her name, we sat at the table and she glanced outside at the stormy weather, I asked curious,” I thought you said to meet you guys here at nine?”

She laughed throwing back her head and explained throwing a glare to the man that stood waiting at the pickup line at the counter,” We were supposed to be here at nine but captain dumbass over there decided to run the shower out of hot water so I had to wait until we had hot water again to get ready, sorry girly.”

“Oh,” I laughed drinking my hot chocolate.

“Can you two just move in already? So he can be your problem?” Vicky asked laughing but I found she was serious.

“You’re not talking about me are you?” I heard the man’s voice snap up my attention, I looked up as he came to our table with two cups of coffee. He set Vicky’s down in front of her then pulled up another chair to sit backwards in it and lean over to kiss me on the lip, I felt his hand hold my thigh under the table then he pulled away saying,” What up babe?”

“Not much Jackson,” I shrugged and he kept his left hand on my thigh as he took a bite of my pumpkin spice muffin and smiled, Vicky was Jackson’s stepsister, they were about the same age and lived together with their parents as we all were in the same community college. Though they were on their first year and I had skipped a grade and was now on my second and last year of my general education at the college, soon I would transfer to a university in the study of anthropology and philosophy.

Jackson and I had been dating since last year when Vicky and I got closer and Vicky had been ever so sneakily been influencing us to move in together, he would move into my apartment on the new side of town which was on the other side of Chicago from their families house. Vicky caught me staring out the window at the Christmas decorations that lined the street, thanksgiving had just passed and already Christmas had taken over. She murmured patting my hand across the table,” I know you miss them.”

I half smiled and Jackson squeezed my thigh letting me know of his presence again, I patted his hand then picked at my pumpkin muffin. My parents had passed away when I was in fifth grade on Christmas Eve when they were driving back from a Christmas party, I had had to live with my wealthy aunt until I was eighteen and could live on my own, and my aunt passed on Valentine’s day when she commit suicide from the heartbreak of losing her husband the year before I had gone to live with her. And that was all the family I had and they were all gone, it was unfortunate but there was nothing I could do to change it. I pulled myself from my thought when the sky rumbled with a thunderstorm, I sighed and said,” It’s fine, I’m okay.”

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