Kayla's House !

Kayla's POV:

Omg, the boys will be here any minute. So it will be mindless behavior, jacob latimore,me,bree,cymphonique,omg girls. Bree was all over the place. Talk about O B S E S S E D ! shhhhhh. Don't tell her i said it !

Bree's POV: 

What should i wear ! Ugh, everything has too be perfect. I wonder if everyone can spend the night ! Wow, we're gonna have so much fun.

Kayla's POV:

We went to take our showers and get ready and we decided to wear this :http://www.polyvore.com/night_time/set?id=40526965.

We go downstairs and James has the food and drinks set up. Blankets everywhere. Everythings perfect.

(The doorbell rings)

Cymphonique was the first guest to arrive. So she decided to hurry and take her shower. She had the same PJ's as us but hers was purple. Then the Omg girls arrived, They already had their PJ's on. Great ! Finally the boys arrived and Bahja went to go let them in while Cymphonique and Bree went with me to go get my cellphone from upstairs. When we walked downstairs all eyes were on us. Yey !

Ray's POV:

Wow. she looks so sexy. I don't think i'll be able to keep my hands to myself. Mmmmm .'

Princeton's POV:

Wow. she looks so sexy. I don't think i'll be able to keep my hands to myself. Mmmmm .'

Roc's POV:

Wow. she looks so sexy. I don't think i'll be able to keep my hands to myself. Mmmmm .'

Kayla's POV:

Kayla: Hey guys.

Boys: hey

Bree: so what do ya'll wanna do first

Prod: EAT !

Nique: wow ! 

(Everybody go eat)

Star: how about we play 7 minutes in heaven.

Everybody: OK

Me: who spins first ?

Breaunna: can i go ?

Bree: sure

( Breaunna spins and it lands on princeton)

Everyone : Oooooh

( they walk in the closet )

Princeton's POV:

Damn. I don't know if i should do this.

Babydoll: Sooooo you ready

Prince: Uhhh , yeah !  

( She leans in and kisses me softly, then i got carried away and started to kiss back. Things got really heated in here and now our tongue's gently masaged each others. It felt like we were kissing for hours. When was time gonna be up, just as i said that Babydoll pushes me too the ground. Then the door finally opens and Bree is there looking totally heartbroken. Great just my luck.)

Babydoll: ok, who's next.

Bahja: can i go, 

Me: Ok.

Roc's POV:

( bahja spins the bottle and it lands on me. really? what a big suprise. we walk over to the closet and she emmediatly grabs me. )

Me: bahja wait !

bahja: what - why

me: no reason, i was just. nevermind 

bahja: ok

( she begins to kiss me and i kiss back her mouth opens and i slip my tongue in her mouth and we started making out for what seemed like forever. then the door suddenly opened and it was cymphonique and she looked like she saw a ghost.)

 Nique: Ok, who's next.

Kayla: how about you ?

Nique: sure.

( she spins and it lands on roc. GREAT ! )

Cymphonique POV:

Great ! I have to kiss the guy i like who i just caught nearly having sex with another girl. Why me ?

( We walk over to the closet and he shuts the door.)

Roc: can i talk to you ?

Me: whatever.

Roc: look i don't want to just kiss you right now without asking you this first. Um, will you be my - will you go out with me ?

Me: (shocked) what ? Me ?

Roc: uh, yeah, you're the only one in the room so ?

Me: yes, but i thought you like bahja

Roc: nope, i like you.

yey. he likes me.

Roc: can i kiss you ?

me: sure 

( he leans in to kiss me and i kiss back. he starts kissing me pationatly and then our tongue's go in each other mouth, and i pulled him on top of me and i unbutton his shirt to reveal his sexy body. Then the door opens.really)

Kayla: woah ! 

Ray: can i go next ! 

Kayla: sure.

( Ray spins and it lands on Kayla)

Ray's POV:

OKay, how can i do this. i want her to be my girlfriend so bad !

Kayla: ray, you there

Me: oh yeah, i just . . .

Kayla: can i tell you something? 

Me: sure.

Kayla: i really like you , ALOT !

Me: i like you too, ALOT !  ( pulls her closer to him) and i was wondering if you wanted to be MY GIRL ! 

Kayla: i would love too.

( i leaned in to kiss her and i lips finally met. i started getting a lil bit carried away and my hands were all over her body . Then she pulled me in closer.)

Kayla's POV:

Wow ! i love this guy. and he's a great kisser 

( The door opens and its bree.)

Bree: hey guys, wanna watch a movie.

Everyone except Ray and Kay: yes !

Me: wanna see my room ?

Ray: yes

( walks upstairs to show him my room.)


Ray: wow, this is nice.

Me: thanx, you can sit on the bed.

Ray: okay ( starts walking over slowly)

Me: ( pulling him to the bed and he lands on top of me.)

Ray: tomorrow, we're going on our first official date, got it ?

Me: mhm. ( pulls his face to mine.) kiss me ! 

Ray: (smiles) okay.

( we start kissing snd one thing led to another but NO we did not do IT ! ) B E S T N I G H T E V E R !

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