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She had a little girl in each hand. One of the two got out of her grasp and, ZOOM! Off she ran into the store. "REBEACA GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" Sophie was yelling. Rebecca ran my way; my first instinct was to grab her. I sat down Mia and Rebecca was almost past me when I grabbed her by the waist and picked her up. "PUT MEH DON WIHGT NOW!!" she screamed while kicking her legs and arms. I walked over Sophie and handed the child to her. She was about to talk when an intercom came on. "I have one family that gets a 30 minute head start. That is Ms. Nole and Mr. Dawn. Good luck." It was an unfamiliar voice, but who cares. I grabbed Mia and walk inside with the stroller. There was a cart with a one seated car and three car seats. I grabbed it and put all the children in. "Marcus go grab food, but no carrots, grapes, or sweet potatoes because I hate those." Then I ran off to find the cloth, cribs and other stuff they'd need. 30 minutes was up and everyone was in the store.

By the time I met up with Marcus we where the last people there. I had lots of pink and purple cloth. Tons of toys and some basinets for the babies. I got Mia to pick out whatever she wanted. I had to grab one cart all for her. Marcus had two carts full of food and snacks and junk. I noticed he got some things for us to eat. Mia got in her little car and we went to the self check out. There was this thing you bush the buggies in and it tells you the price. We spent $459. WOW! Children are expensive. By the time we got home, It was 4:00 p.m. Mia was still happy and the other babies where asleep. The two new high chairs I got had been setup with a push of a button. One had three seats and the other had one. Maybe living here for 2 months would not be so bad.

I fixed Mia some Ramon noodles and was about to sit down when, KNOCK KNOCK! I got up and Sophie was at the door. Both girls where with her. " Hey Sophie! Come right in." she walked in and said thanks. I put mia with the other girls. Her kids had Dark hair that had a slight puff to it. They had bright blue eyes the color of the sky. "Well that is Hannah and you already met Rebecca." She pointed to each girl while she named them. "That is Mia." We talked for awhile until her kids got sleepy. I walked here to the door as we said our goodbye's. I told Mia it was bath time. She got mad, but she went. When she was done, I was covered in bubbles. I put her to bed, took a shower and went to the master bedroom. Marcus was not here yet so I got dibs. I slowly, but surely fell asleep.

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